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В Китае создадут тюрьмы будущего

China introduces smart prisons

The system will be tested in Hong Kong. 8300 inmates currently hosted in local prisons will be controlled by cutting-edge technologies.
3Doodler: приложение для создания трехмерных картин

3Doodler: 3D painting application

3Doodlers app from WobbleWorks makes creating 3D pictures easier than ever before. All you need to do to make a large item is to circle the stencil on your tablet screen. The software is available for download on Android and iOS.
Pod Eight Sleep: еще один пример умной кровати

Pod Eight Sleep: yet another smart bed

Pod Eight Sleep is a liquid mattress cooling system that is bound to appeal to a lot of married couples. It can adjust one side of the bed to a specified temperature level.
Детский снегоход-трансформер, который придется по вкусу даже взрослым

Transforming snowmobile for children will also appeal to adults

In the winter it’s a regular snowmobile for kids, but it can transform into a scooter during the warmer months. The device, manufactured by Naseka, runs on electricity.
Peeqo: робот, который разговаривает гифками

Peeqo: the robot that speaks in gifs

Smart speakers are so yesterday. If you really want to impress someone in 2019, you need something remarkable. Peeqo, a robot that speaks exclusively in short videos and animated pictures, would be a perfect choice.
Крупный американский банк запускает собственную криптовалюту

Major American bank to launch own cryptocurrency

A lot of people think that the cryptocurrency market is dead, but JPMorgan top management clearly doesn’t agree. In fact, the bank has recently announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency.
Ученые придумали технологию очистки атмосферы

Scientists invent new atmosphere purification technology

Our planet’s ecology is under serious threat, which is why scientists have been working on creating artificial leaves to purify the atmosphere since the early 2010s. This year, they finally managed it.

NASA set to find out the origins of our Universe

Every day brings us closer to solving the fundamental mysteries of our universe. American space agency NASA has recently announced the start of a super project that will aim to answer some of these questions.

UK scientists develop flags that can produce energy

The invention was developed at the University of Manchester. It represented a unique hybrid of a solar generator and a windmill, attached to a regular flag.

How ants help a robot to navigate without GPS

Researches have got an insight into the navigation method the Sahara desert ants use: the search for the right path is complicated.
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