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The most advanced technologies in the service of medicine are a key to raising the average life expectancy and improving people’s quality of life.
In this section we write about the ways innovations help doctors to provide treatment to people and prevent dangerous diseases, as well as to improve and enrich what nature has endowed us with. New medicines, treatment and medical research methods, as well as information about biotechnology and its integration with traditional technologies - you will find all about it here.

Ученые придумали технологию очистки атмосферы

Scientists invent new atmosphere purification technology

Our planet’s ecology is under serious threat, which is why scientists have been working on creating artificial leaves to purify the atmosphere since the early 2010s. This year, they finally managed it.
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A Young Inventor Builds Himself a Prosthesis with Lego Pieces

19-year-old David Aguilar studies bioengineering at a Barcelona university. The young man was born without a right forearm, so he decided to make himself a prosthetic forearm.
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Waste plastic to be turned into fuel

Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing issues of today. As plastic makes up the lion’s share of total waste on the Earth, it’s crucial to develop a technology that will allow us to recycle it.

Film director from the Netherlands made a film about embryo development

New technologies allow us to watch even the processes hidden from human eyes. The film "Becoming" by Ian van Ayken is an example of such work.

The Earth’s temperature skyrockets

Much has been said about global warming, but a lot of people still don’t fully realize the magnitude of the problem. Meanwhile, environmental organizations are starting to sound the alarm.

Scientists develop pill with reaction engine

Scientists from the University of California San Diego (UC SD) talked about the possibility of using miniature reaction engines for accurate delivery of medicine to relevant organs.

Engineers develop expanding pill

This seemingly pointless invention actually has a multitude of applications in medicine.

A robotic sentient hand has been created

Researchers from Sweden have created new-generation prosthesis. It serves as a nearly complete replacement for a lost limb.

Antivaccine Movement Threatens the Safety of a County in Washington State

The antivaccine movement is gaining increasingly more supporters around the world, especially in the USA. The developments are taking a threatening turn.

Researchers Warn of an Environmental Disaster Risk

Most people have heard about the dangers of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. Scientists have come up with another argument why mankind should abandon its destructive policies.