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Korean scientists develop an unusual mole-inspired robot

Korean scientists develop an unusual mole-inspired robot

The roboteers were inspired by the work of their European and African colleagues.' work. 
Ergonomic laptop replacement for writers

Ergonomic laptop replacement for writers

For many years, creative writers used typewriters, which were gradually replaced by personal computers and laptops. Will the new console be able to take the place of the usual typing tools?
Wireality technology makes things tangible in VR

Wireality technology makes things tangible in VR

Every day there are more and more tactile simulation tools in VR. This time, scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA presented their invention called Wireality.

Eight360 Nova — a spherical virtual reality simulator

How to make the user experience of virtual reality more vibrant and authentic? Eight360 startup representatives know the answer to this question.

Lian Li releases new versions of the DK-4 and DK-5 desks

The original models of computer desks were presented at CES 2019. Now the Taiwanese company has put the finishing touches to the product. 

"Smart" paint turns any surface into a control panel

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have created a sensor coating technology called SprayableTech.

HiMo Introduces New Folding Electric Bike

The device can reach speeds of up to 18 km/h. The battery charge lasts for 30 km.

3D printers start printing food

A recent study by MIT demonstrated how to increase satiety with smaller portions.

Charge your electric car from a street lamp

Britain has implemented an unusual project: Siemens and Ubitricity have installed special points in street lamps for charging electric vehicles. 

Cycleaegle - an electric skateboard for off-road riding

Everyone who likes outdoor activities will surely enjoy the Cycleaegle board.

A simple sensor will teach robots how to control their power

Before picking up something with our hands, we always assess what material the item is made of. Depending on this, we unconsciously adjust the force of our pressure and carefully hold more delicate items.

Google and Adidas introduce smart insoles for football players

Utilising an accelerometer, gyroscope and applying other systems, the insole collects and processes data about the game's techniques.

Youtuber develops a 'googol demonstrator' - a machine displaying the number of atoms in the universe

The system works with a set of connected gears with a moving ratio of 1 to 10. In other words, if the first gear makes 1000 revolutions, then the second - 100, the third - 10, etc.

Sandcastle helping to install Android on your iPhone

Previously, the iPhone and Android OS were categorically incompatible. Correlium’s Sandcastle project fixed that and immediately had a problem with a lawsuit from Apple.

Youtuber discovers how to control a laser with their bare hands

Well-known blogger Tom Scott has posted a new video in which he plays with a laser beam with his bare hands. Surprisingly, the video was recorded with practically no video effects.
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