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LG to release a phone with three screens

LG to release a phone with three screens

The company’s official YouTube channel has aired a short and very curious video announcement featuring a new device - the smartphone with three displays.
Japanese scientists develop robotic tail that improves balance

Japanese scientists develop robotic tail that improves balance

The unusual invention was presented by a group of engineers from Keio University in Tokyo. The device significantly improves its wearer’s balance and agility.
The world's first beer machine created in the United States

The world's first beer machine created in the United States

But there is more to it than beer - the device can make almost any drink.

Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ officially presented

The new flagship models with 6.3” and 6.8” screens were officially unveiled at the Samsung presentation in New York.

Audi merges electric scooter and skateboard

This new gadget is called E-tron Scooter. Although it is currently positioned as a stand-alone product, the company does not rule out the possibility of selling it as a bonus for customers buying the company’s electric cars.

WaveFlyer - the flying jetski

WaveFlyer is the first ever jetski with an electric propulsion attached to its hydrofoils. The project was first launched in Australia in 2015. 

World’s smallest laptop built in the United States

ThinkTiny is the brainchild of Austrian engineer Paul Klinger. It is a miniature version of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. 

Xiaomi designs smartphone with solar panel

The Chinese manufacturer has patented a smartphone featuring a solar battery on its back panel. The smartphone will also feature a full-bleed screen.

DJI will take quadcopter racing to the next level

The famous drone manufacturer recently presented a lightweight and modern FPV system that will make it easier to control drone movements while providing its user with a high-resolution display.

This cockroach can’t be squashed no matter how hard you try

The insect in question is a cockroach robot developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The robot will be used for search operations.

Turn your dance into music with smart Mictic bracelet

To create a melody, one usually needs to master a musical instrument, or special computer software. But these times are past: now you can do it with the Mictic bracelet.

Aquanaut: an all-in-one amphibian robot and submarine

The machine easily changes its shape, which allows it to go underwater and perform all necessary works autonomously.

Vest to Command Dogs Remotely

Scientists from Israeli Ben-Gurion University have developed a device that will make dog handlers’ life easier. It is a vest that gives commands to a dog via vibrational cues.

Орро presents full-screen curved smartphone prototype

A year ago, Oppo and Vivo - subsidiaries of Chinese company BBK Electronics - engaged in a race to build the best full-screen device. Both companies are working hard to create new gadgets, and Oppo has already presented a prototype of an unusual smartphone.

Sumitomo creates tyres that generate energy as they roll

The development made by the Japanese company is a continuation of an idea first introduced by Goodyear. It is centered around the conversion of thermal energy into electricity using a special tyre texture. 
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