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France creates a console for board games 

France creates a console for board games 

The game combines all the best elements of traditional board games and video games.
Virgin Hyperloop successfully performs tests with passengers on board

Virgin Hyperloop successfully performs tests with passengers on board

Hyperloop is an entirely new form of transport invented by the entrepreneur Elon Musk. The project is being implemented by Virgin Hyperloop.
A space tourism centre is scheduled to be built in Japan

A space tourism centre is scheduled to be built in Japan

This ambitious multifunctional facility will be in Tokyo Bay.

The best platforms to launch online courses in 2020

Every year the transition to distance learning is becoming more and more widespread. Experts believe that by 2025 the niche of online education will be estimated at 325 billion dollars! Already today the industry is considered one of the most popular and highly profitable for launching and running a business.

Music startup Endel raises $5 million

The leading investor in the music project is American entrepreneur Kevin Rose.

Facebook introduces shared chat and calls for Instagram and Messenger

The upcoming update will allow Instagram and Messenger users to communicate without having to install an additional app.

Microsoft has bought ZeniMax Media

ZeniMax Media is the owner of several game studios.  They own the Doom series, Quake, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls, as well as other popular franchises.

Facebook launches interface for small and medium businesses

Facebook Business Suite enables entrepreneurs can interact more effectively with customers.

Framework Labs raises $ 8 million in investment

As part of a new round of seed funding, a subsidiary of Framework Ventures managed to raise $ 8 million.

Neuromarketing research for business: FasTest raised $130,000

An American startup founded by a Russian received a significant investment. What is this project about?

We are not going anywhere: TikTok's reaction to the possibility of being blocked in the USA

As you know, the popular service is facing a ban on its operations in the United States. In response, the company released an original merch.

“Mighty Buildings”- showing the way to the future of housing 

3D printing has been called a disruptive technology that can dramatically transform the housing market. The startup “Mighty Buildings” clearly demonstrates that these are not just empty words. 

Become a soccer player with augmented reality

Chelsea Football Club and IT company Chelsea Digital Ventures have created a VR app for teaching soccer. Now anyone can take professional training.

SpaceX is about to launch a supersonic transport system

It’s become apparent that the famous space Corporation SpaceX has set its sights on Earth. The company intends to use hypersonic missiles for transcontinental transportation.

Spot Robot becomes a shepherd in New Zealand

Now the machine can connect to the cloud, so it can be controlled by a remote operator.