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Food Wrap - the reusable cling wrap

Food Wrap - the reusable cling wrap

What can you use to preserve food, if you can’t use plastic cling wrap? Food Wrap, of course! This is also a type of sticky wrap, except it can be reused over and over again, for many years.
Speakers made from waste

Speakers made from waste

UK-based startup Gomi has launched a new project with the goal of solving the world’s garbage problem. The startup is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to launch production of their audio speakers.
Sheertex sheers - the strongest pantyhose in the world

Sheertex sheers - the strongest pantyhose in the world

Every woman knows how fragile pantyhose are: one awkward movement and they develop runs. But the Sheertex startup promises to release a product that will be much more resistant to external influences than we are accustomed to think.

Norrland Parka: give your winter the royal treatment

Norrland Parka is kind of like the Swiss army knife of winter clothing. This coat is truly functional and can offer comfort even in the most severe weather conditions.

The robot that does your paperwork for you

Despite all the talk of optimizing work processes and reducing bureaucracy, paperwork still takes up a significant portion of our time. A robot created by startup Ripcord can put an end to this problem once and for all.

FedEx robot jumps and climbs stairs

Popular delivery service FedEx announced the development of their own delivery robot, following in the footsteps of Starship Technologies and Amazon. Robot delivery is moving from the domain of science fiction into real life right before our eyes.

Microsoft works on new Windows for weak computers

Users that don’t have access to high-performing equipment will soon get a chance to use a new version of the operating system that was specially developed for this market segment.

Yet another humanoid robot

Digit is a robot that was developed by US company Agility Robotics. The robot is a direct competitor of Atlas by Boston Dynamics - a device that can do somersaults and other acrobatic tricks.

How technology can kill your business

Technological progress opens new opportunities for companies, but it also threatens anyone who fails to adapt to new market conditions. What’s more, the same strategy can be disastrous for a small startup but perfect for a large corporation

Mars X-House project: 3D-printed houses on Mars

3D printing is considered one of the most promising technologies of our time. Having successfully tested it on Earth, people dream of using 3D printing on other planets and these dreams sometimes translate...

What will Happen, if a Tamagotchi and a Helicopter Are Put Together? Owleez!

Owleez by a Canadian manufacturer Spin Master will stir the hearts of even the angriest users. It is a variation of "Tamagotchi", toys that require care and warmth.

Kammok Mantis - the all-in-one hammock

Camping is very popular these days, and hammocks are an essential part of it. As demand for unusual recreational activities grows, new companies enter the industry, offering innovative solutions.

Gateway Foundation presents new concept for orbital space station

The company has uploaded a promotional video showcasing the concept for the new station. The station will be placed on the orbit, where it will perform a wide array of functions.

Black 3.0 – paint that’s darker than the night

British artist Stuart Semple has invented the blackest paint in the world, which absorbs 98% of visible light. This paint can help you create some absolutely mind-boggling effects.

High-tech shower head from Nebia

The smart shower head Spa Shower 2.0 from Nebia will be created with the support of the American company Moen also focused on the faucet market. The main advantage of the product is water saving.