British company organizes first-ever jetpack race - Hitecher
British company organizes first-ever jetpack race

British company organizes first-ever jetpack race

by Hitecher

British jetpack manufacturer Gravity Industries signed a contract with XBlades Entertainment to conduct the first jetpack race in history. The companies are also planning on creating a jetpack league. This initiative will benefit development of this technology and attract new investors into the industry.

According to inventor and Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning, this industry has great potential that can’t be ignored. Racing will help the company identify and solve problems with existing devices as well as attract millions of dollars into the industry.

Richard is actually a jetpack pilot himself. A few years ago, he even made it into the Guinness World Records for reaching a speed of 51 km/h on his jetpack. Browning believes that the mechanism can lift its users to a height of up to 3 658 km.

Both men and women will be able to join the future league. At present, the companies are focused on improving pilots’ skills to make the race more spectacular. Gravity Industries regularly posts videos from pilot trainings on their YouTube channel to generate more interest towards the upcoming event.

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