NASA announces finalists in Mars habitat design contest - Hitecher
NASA announces finalists in Mars habitat design contest

NASA announces finalists in Mars habitat design contest

by Hitecher

Launched in 2015, the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge is finally coming to a close. The objective for the challenge was to select the best habitat concepts for life on the Red Planet. Finalists will share a $100 thousand prize and take part in a final Grand Prix in the beginning of May.

SEArch+/Apis Cor

The project proposed by New York team SEArch+/Apis Cor includes helical tower shaped buildings with protected windows which will provide settlers with natural light. Regolith will serve as the basic material for these structures.

Team Zopherus

Arkansas-based team Zopherus presented a project to build a Mars base from materials found on the planet (regolith and silica) using a giant 3D printer. They also intend to use thermoplastic capable of withstanding extreme variations in temperature and shielding elements for protection against radiation.

Mars Incubator

Mars Incubator is a concept created by a team from Connecticut. It involves a separation of the base into 4 functional blocks: a technical block containing various equipment, a residential block, a spare multifunctional block, and a block for growing plants.

The grand finale of the challenge will take place on May 1-4. Participants will be asked to present miniature models of their Martian habitat concepts using 3D printers. The winner will take home a $800 thousand prize.

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