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Hitecher staff writer, high tech and science enthusiast. His work includes news about gadgets, articles on important fundamental discoveries, as well as breakdowns of problems faced by companies today. Evan has his own editorial column on Hitecher.

How genetics affects our tastes and preferences

How genetics affects our tastes and preferences

What, in your opinion, do our food preferences depend on? Why are we happy we eat certain foods 24/7, while others make us nauseous or just taste too spicy, salty, or sour?
The evolution of the space suit

The evolution of the space suit

Most recently, NASA and Axiom Space unveiled a new space suit for moon walks.

Smart beyond their years: India's most talented young scientists

Today we will tell you about six of the most remarkable individuals in India who are making the lives of people around them much better and happier.

Why are neural networks needed in a city, and will the data be transmitted to the government?

Companies compete for customers, while cities compete for residents.

Interesting facts about neural networks: the history of their creation and use in the modern world

Do you use Siri on your iPhone? Just to let you know, it is a neural network! What about Yandex Station? It is a neural network, too. The technology behind facial recognition in CCTV cameras is also a neural network. This includes artificial intelligence, whether small or hidden inside some services.

Why our memories actually lie

You probably noticed that sometimes you remember something others do not remember at least once in your life or vice versa.

Cybersecurity 3.0: how to protect yourself and your data

This year, the hacker group Anonymous declared a cyberwar on Russia. Recently, the hackers vowed to hack the Russian accounts of Burger King if the company continued to work in Russia.

What is telemedicine, and does it work?

Telemedicine is remote medicine. To the familiar word "medicine," we add the Greek "tele," which translates as "away" or "far away."

The top ten gadgets and technology inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic

We have collected the ten of the best and most interesting and unusual technologies and devices for you, the creators of which had tried to ease the harsh “quarantine” of everyday life, defeat Coronavirus, or help the world to clean up its consequences.

NFC for your phone: what it is and how to use it.

The development of mobile technologies is always looking to develop more understandable and user-friendly interfaces.

How space is being conquered. The history of the Hubble telescope and the research it has performed.

Space exploration is one of the main goals of the ongoing technological race between developed countries.

The Nobel Peace prize results for 2020

For over a century, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It is awarded annually to scientists, individuals and organisations for their significant scientific achievements and meaningful contribution to the expansion of social and cultural development.

When will humanity switch to eating artificial meat?

Artificial meat grown in laboratories is becoming more and more like the original product. It will probably be only a few years until we switch to an artificial diet.
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