Ethan Oakes

Regular Hitecher contributor since 2017, journalist, Master in Economic Security. His interests include programming, robotics, computer games, and financial markets.

Preparations for a new moon landing under way

Preparations for a new moon landing under way

As early as 2025, ii56 years after the first Apollo 17 landing on the Moon, humans are set to land on the surface of the Earth's satellite again.
Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome's browser extensions are perfect for any occasion

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It is easy to use, although you can make it more convenient and effective for your work and home!
The top video games that are useful for every occasion and in every profession

The top video games that are useful for every occasion and in every profession

The gaming industry, throughout the years, has given the world thousands of incredible stories, many of which have even been shown on the big screen.

Scientific evidence reveals that there are no intellectual differences between men and women

According to a UN report, in 2021, twenty-two nations worldwide do have women leaders. Now, there are more women leaders than ever in history but remember, there are more than 190 states worldwide.

Where did the zodiac signs originate? What are horoscopes based on nowadays? What do scientists think about it? #hightecher_explains

Do you think horoscopes are anti-scientific predictions or quite real and valid ways of knowing what will happen to you in the near future?  Take your time to answer - we have a lot to say about astrology, the zodiac signs and scientists' attitudes towards them.

The elixir of immortality: is there any chance that humans could live forever?

Humanity has been trying to unravel the secret of eternal life for ages. Sages, alchemists, philosophers and poets have all attempted, in one way or another, to answer the question of why man inevitably withers and how to explain the phenomenon that different living beings have completely different lifespans.

When will we colonise Mars? Scientists' predictions and their scientific rationale. #hightecher_explains

Elon Musk plans to transport about a million people to Mars by 2050 and set up a full-fledged colony on the planet. 

Science against insomnia: scientific advice on how to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep

According to research, about 40-45% of people experience occasional insomnia, and 60% complain of a chronic lack of sleep.

Is China the most technologically advanced country in the world?

In 2014, the Harvard Business Review published an article in which researchers decided that China's policies prevent innovation.

How to assemble a cool computer without going broke

There is an opinion that we are paying too much for a manufactured computer — by 20% or even more. Actually, it is all down to advertising costs, included in the price of a computer.

7 of the most intelligent animals, which might surprise you!

Despite scientific and technological advances, scientists still do not know how many of our living creature’s brains work or how to measure their level of intelligence reliably.

Video Games in Medicine. From RPGs for Cancer to VR for PTSD

According to statistics, about 85% of American children between the ages of 2 and 17 regularly play computer games.

Is life possible on the Moon?

How much do we know about our satellite?

10 start-ups that are soaring

A selection of epic success stories, from space to social media.

Top 10 start-up failures

Management mistakes, bad advertising, misunderstanding of consumer needs, etc… Today we have a march-past of projects that could unlock their potential, but ultimately failed.
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