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2017 cryptocurrency price boom may have been caused by one Bitcoin ‘whale’ 

2017 cryptocurrency price boom may have been caused by one Bitcoin ‘whale’ 

One year ago, researchers claimed that the price spike was driven by several major players, but after analyzing transactions made in Bitcoin and Tether, they concluded that the crypto race may have been created by just one whale.
Alexa Helps Investigate Murder

Alexa Helps Investigate Murder

Amazon has provided the police with records made by smart speakers that might have witnessed the crime.
New police drones are to help find missing people

New police drones are to help find missing people

The drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and heat-sensitive sensors, the data from which are processed by neural networks.
A software update allows the Tesla Model S to break the Porsche Taycan Turbo record

A software update allows the Tesla Model S to break the Porsche Taycan Turbo record

Thanks to more advanced motor control, the Model S will receive an additional 50 horsepower.
Canon’s New Lens Features Sensor Airflow

Canon’s New Lens Features Sensor Airflow

Such technology can clean the image sensor of dust more efficiently than a standard vibration-based system.

MIT creates a vest that can be used to control a robot

The innovation allows the robot to gain human reflexes and a sense of balance.

Twitter to Ban Political Advertising from November 22

The decision has already affected the company's shares.

Surgeons Broadcast Neurological Operation on Facebook Live

The goal of the broadcast was to show a successful operation to reduce other patients’ fears.

Apple Reports Results for 4Q 2019: Wearables and iPad Break Sales Records

The main growth in the last quarter of the year was accounted for by wearable gadgets, such as Apple Watches and AirPods, as well as iPads, whereas iPhone and Mac sales went down.

MIT engineers create M-Blocks modular cube robots, that perform tasks in a coordinated manner

The cubes are able to organize themselves into different shapes, recognizing each other by barcodes.

Facebook sues NSO Group, the spyware developer

Attacks on WhatsApp users are the cause of the lawsuit. Facebook believes that the NSO Group has not just provided a software hacking solution, but also helped to implement it.

Waymo Startup Launches Closed Driverless Taxi Tests 

At the moment, participation in the trials requires the signing of a non-disclosure agreement, but it is still in the air when unmanned trips will be available to general public.

International Energy Agency: Offshore Wind Power Generation Can Provide More Electricity Than Mankind Needs

Experts estimate that the development of the industry and the emergence of new technologies will enable offshore wind farms to produce 420,000 TWh of energy per annum, which is 18 times more than currently required.

DJI's New Quadcopter Weighs 249 Grams

The quadcopter is so tiny that it is not subject to American laws governing the use of aircraft.

Seraph air cargo taxi completes its maiden flight

The aircraft is capable of carrying up to 250 kg of payload, but the developers have not yet disclosed the maximum flight range.

Google to replace Home and Mini devices that failed due to firmware upgrade

The Company has agreed to accept, among other things, devices with the expired warranty period.

Pavel Durov will not have to return $1.7 billion to TON investors

Most investors have agreed to wait until April 30 - TON creators want to postpone and reschedule the platform’s official launch to this date.

Payment systems and banks suspend Galaxy S10 support due to incorrect operation of the fingerprint scanner

Samsung smartphones scanner operated in a faulty manner – it authenticated the protective film texture instead of the user’s fingerprints,  enabling anyone to unlock the gadget.

Firefox recognized as most secure browser

The Federal Office for Information Security in Germany has stated that the browser from Mozilla outperforms competitors - Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge - in terms of security. 

United Daily News: noise- suppressing AirPods Pro to appear by late October

This innovation will help Apple maintain its competitive edge in the market. In addition, AirPods Pro may become another health gadget offered by the company.

Mayflower Autonomous Ship for transatlantic travel to be built in 2020

The new autonomous ship will cross the Atlantic Ocean to mark the 400th anniversary of the trip made by English settlers on the first Mayflower.

Volvo Unveils Its First Electric Car, XC40 Recharge

Over the next few years, the company has promised to launch a new electric car every year, and become fully carbon neutral by 2040.

Five-month delay for TON launch

SEC is demanding to register the tokens as securities, while Telegram insists that the cryptocurrency is not a security.

NASA unveils new spacesuits for missions to the Moon and to Mars

The new spacesuits offer increased freedom of movement and protection from extreme temperatures and radiation.
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