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Orion implant will restore eyesight for vision impaired patients 

Orion implant will restore eyesight for vision impaired patients 

Second Sight Medical Products has introduced a prototype of an artificial eye for different types of vision, including infrared imaging.
AlterEgo: Friend for the Physically Challenged and Next Generation Digital Assistant

AlterEgo: Friend for the Physically Challenged and Next Generation Digital Assistant

This year, the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Award was won by a student named Arnav Kapoor. The young inventor will spend the $15,000 received by him on creating a silent speech transmission system.
LG to release a phone with three screens

LG to release a phone with three screens

The company’s official YouTube channel has aired a short and very curious video announcement featuring a new device - the smartphone with three displays.
Protests in Hong Kong: dating sites and augmented reality games

Protests in Hong Kong: dating sites and augmented reality games

Hong Kong has been hit by a wave of protests. Government control over the Internet and messengers has inspired the opposition to come up with creative and unexpected cooperation methods.
Canada is calling volunteers to clean up space debris

Canada is calling volunteers to clean up space debris

The country’s Armed Forces have announced a new program for the removal of space junk from the Earth’s orbit. The government agency is inviting all enthusiasts to join this noble cause. 

Japanese scientists develop robotic tail that improves balance

The unusual invention was presented by a group of engineers from Keio University in Tokyo. The device significantly improves its wearer’s balance and agility.

Cubic Motion to Create Virtual Copies of People

The level of facial expressions and bodily movements digitalization has reached such a high level that it does not need any subsequent manual adjustment.

The world's first beer machine created in the United States

But there is more to it than beer - the device can make almost any drink.

South Korea Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency

The coin to be issued by November this year will become part of the smart city concept, which is planned to be implemented in Seoul.

New type of protein will give cells consciousness

An important discovery was made by scientists from universities in California and Washington: they have developed a new artificial protein that interacts with cells to give them some amazing qualities.

This technology will forever change the movie industry

Epic Games and Unreal Engine recently presented a new development that will fundamentally transform the approach to filming.

Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ officially presented

The new flagship models with 6.3” and 6.8” screens were officially unveiled at the Samsung presentation in New York.

Amazon Working on Advertising Blockchain

To do that, the company is planning to hire a specialist to develop the relevant software.

Audi merges electric scooter and skateboard

This new gadget is called E-tron Scooter. Although it is currently positioned as a stand-alone product, the company does not rule out the possibility of selling it as a bonus for customers buying the company’s electric cars.

Paleontologists discover ancient arthropod

The creature was named Millennium Falcon, after the famous spaceship featured in the Star Wars sage. The reason behind the name is the similarity between the ship and the shape of the animal’s carapace.

Solve the problem of traffic jams together with Traffix 

Traffix is a city builder game that challenges its players to solve the problem of traffic jams. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game has a lot to offer even to experienced gamers. 

US Scientists Developing a New Type of Non-lethal Weapons

Pentagon has been reported to be working on a new generation of lasers. The devices can be used to transmit voice messages or even deafen a potential enemy.

Scientists Map the Milky Way

New data on the shape of our galaxy have been obtained. Contrary to popular belief that the Milky Way has the shape of a flat disk, it turned out that the galaxy is warped, like the letter S.

WaveFlyer - the flying jetski

WaveFlyer is the first ever jetski with an electric propulsion attached to its hydrofoils. The project was first launched in Australia in 2015. 

World’s smallest laptop built in the United States

ThinkTiny is the brainchild of Austrian engineer Paul Klinger. It is a miniature version of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. 

Xiaomi designs smartphone with solar panel

The Chinese manufacturer has patented a smartphone featuring a solar battery on its back panel. The smartphone will also feature a full-bleed screen.

Who’s the boss: Instagram and WhatsApp will be renamed

Facebook has made the decision to rename its services, Instagram and WhatsApp. Each of the app names will now also include the name of their parent company.

DJI will take quadcopter racing to the next level

The famous drone manufacturer recently presented a lightweight and modern FPV system that will make it easier to control drone movements while providing its user with a high-resolution display.

Delivery robots to be tested in UAE

Autonomous delivery systems have finally reached the United Arab Emirates. The first delivery robots will start making the rounds in two major UAE cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 
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