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Try a Cup of Coffee Brewed by an Amazing Robot Barista

Try a Cup of Coffee Brewed by an Amazing Robot Barista

The robot by Briggo, a US-based company, was specifically created to make perfect coffee. The machine is very fast – it can make up to 100 cups per hour.
Huawei unveils the flagships P30 and P30 Pro

Huawei unveils the flagships P30 and P30 Pro

New Huawei flagships were presented in Paris. The main feature of the gadgets is a great emphasis on the camera. Smartphone P30 Pro – Huawei’s first phone that boasts 4 cameras and 10x zoom without loss of quality.
Scout Pro: A Fully Featured Mountain E-Bike

Scout Pro: A Fully Featured Mountain E-Bike

E-bikes are today’s trend being explored by more and more manufacturers. The championship title within this group of transportation means deservedly belongs to Scout Pro capable of hitting 72 km/h off-road.

The first unmanned plywood drone created

Metal or plastic are usually selected as aircraft material. But drone production is not cheap, so sometimes engineers find rather extravagant solutions.

The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air

Lazareth, a French motorcycle brand, has recently posted a video featuring the flight of the Moto Volante model presented last year. With this, the company has dispelled the skeptics’ assumption that the bike is not destined to fly.

Robot interpreters enable communication between fish and bees

EPFL is a project focused on creating devices to control animals. Several years ago, the team created an artificial fish that its real peers mistook for one of their own, even choosing it as the leader of their school. The group’s most recent development is a system for controlling bees.

Robotic particles that work only in a team

Researchers from MIT, Harvard, Cornell and Columbia Universities have created "robotic particles" that are useless on their own, but are capable of many things when they are put together – in this they resemble a bee swarm.

Rift S: the new VR headset from Oculus

At a recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Oculus presented a new device, a VR headset called Rift S. It can be purchased for $399, which is much more expensive than the previous VR headset released by Oculus. What will you get for this price?\n

The amazing Guardian XO exoskeleton

The Guardian XO is a full-size exoskeleton that allows its user to lift up to 90 kg and move at a speed of 5.5 km/h. Because of these amazing features, the U.S. military has recently ordered the device.\n

SABRE Approved: Hybrid Jet Engine Project Defended

The United Kingdom and European Space Agencies have given the go-ahead to the manufacturing of SABER hybrid hypersonic engine capable of operating both in space and the Earth's atmosphere. As the next stage, individual parts of the future device will be tested.

Meet Stan: the first robot employee at a French airport

Saint Exupery Airport, 25 km from the French city of Lyon, will go down in history as the first airport to employ robot labor. If this experiment turns out to be a success, it will be extended to other terminals as well.

Kiwano KO+ continues the famous line of electric scooters

Kiwano owes its popularity to the KO-X gyro scooter. But the manufacturer did not stop there and has released KO-X, a one-wheel electric scooter. The latest device in the line is KO-1+ which we will discuss today.

Insta360 Evo Foldable Camera

Insta360 Evo is a descendant of the famous Insta360 camera. It differs from its predecessor in its expanded functionality, which will surprise even those who are not conversant in the art of photography.

KillaJoule: world’s fastest electric motorcycle

What is it like to take in the breathtaking Australian scenery from a seat on an electric motorcycle traveling at full speed? Racing driver Eva Hakansson had the chance to find out. And she recorded it all on camera, so we wouldn’t feel bad about missing out.

Toyota will put a car on the moon

The famous auto manufacturer is always trying itself in new fields. The company has recently announced an interest in conquering space. Toyota plans to manufacture a rover that will transport astronauts across the surface of the moon.
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