Robot avatars to take over ISS by 2020 - Hitecher
Robot avatars to take over ISS by 2020

Robot avatars to take over ISS by 2020

by Hitecher

A new Japanese development will make space flights cheaper and safer. To solve this problem, robot avatars will take on the most difficult and dangerous types of work on the ISS.

The space industry is developing at a slower pace than desired. This is mostly because of the high cost of space projects, as well as the great risk to the lives and health of astronauts. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) together with startup GITAI decided to solve this issue by developing devices that experts will be able to use for remote work in space.

This idea will be brought to life using TelePresence — a set of technologies enabling the user to observe and control processes at the ISS while remaining on Earth.

The operator will put on a VR helmet and a suit equipped with numerous sensors, which will enable them to control a robot that is many thousands of kilometers away. At the same time, astronauts will be able to trade energy-consuming projects requiring physical labor for more intellectual activities.

Each avatar robot will be equipped with a 360-degree camera that will broadcast streaming videos with minimal delays, giving users complete control over the situation.

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