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Roland Launches Digital Taiko Drum Analog

Roland Launches Digital Taiko Drum Analog

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum with an unusual sound. Thanks to Roland company, it now has an electronic "brother".
Bosch introduces smart glasses with laser painting functionality

Bosch introduces smart glasses with laser painting functionality

Surprisingly, these dynamic images are created inside the user’s eyes. 
Dyson Unveils Lightcycle Morph Long-Life Light Set

Dyson Unveils Lightcycle Morph Long-Life Light Set

The manufacturer claims the lamp set can last for 60 years without the need to change the bulb.

California looks forward to animatronic Spider-Man

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Company has announced the soon-expected arrival of  the animatronic Spider-Man near the Avengers Campus in the local Disneyland.

Chinese company eFoilFly introduces electric hydrofoil surfboard Neptune X 

The board is made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, EPS foam, and resin parts. This combination of materials contributes to the integrity of the board and keeps the surface cool in the sunlight. 

Motorola Razr: Flexible but Reliable

Motorola has released a series of videos about the flexible Razr, the company’s new smartphone.

A Reddit user assembles a gaming laptop in a suitcase

He has named the device Nuclear Football, hinting at the "nuclear briefcases" that presidents of nuclear powers carry. 

American scientists create a climbing robot

A spider-like device can move on vertical surfaces, like a real arthropod.

Panasonic Unveils New Virtual Reality Eyeglasses

VR glasses for domestic use have become a growing trend over the last few years, but most models are still bulky and uncomfortable. The same cannot be said about the new model from Panasonic.

Taiwan-based company XYZprinting presents five-dimensional da Vinci Color 5D printer 

Until recently, 3D printers were considered the pinnacle of technological development. Their position was challenged at CES 2020 as it became clear that there is no limit to perfection. 

Gigantic Airbus plane starts transporting cargo 

The vehicle is called BelugaXL. This giant is set to start a revolution in the cargo aircraft market. 

Engineers present a plastic electric car

Engineers from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have announced Luca - the super eco-friendly electric car. 

Scientists create xenobots - robots built from living cells 

Each xenobot is made up of 500-1000 cells. These inventions are capable of autonomous movement, transportation of objects and self-healing. 

Australia creates the most powerful smartphone battery

The battery created by scientists is rightfully considered not only the most powerful, but also the most environmentally friendly.

Save on Water with Hydraloop System

Thanks to the efficient use of resources the system enables users to reduce their water consumption by almost half. The device is suitable for both commercial and residential premises.
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