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Toyota announces plans for ‘city of the future’ in Japan

Toyota announces plans for ‘city of the future’ in Japan

The new city has been given the name Woven City. The ambitious project will be launched in 2021. 
Apple Reports Results for 4Q 2019: Wearables and iPad Break Sales Records

Apple Reports Results for 4Q 2019: Wearables and iPad Break Sales Records

The main growth in the last quarter of the year was accounted for by wearable gadgets, such as Apple Watches and AirPods, as well as iPads, whereas iPhone and Mac sales went down.
Encompass to Make Your Teeth Snow-white in Seconds

Encompass to Make Your Teeth Snow-white in Seconds

The oral cavity accumulates an enormous amount of bacteria, therefore, teeth need proper care. Unfortunately, quite often we do not have time for it, but with an Encompass toothbrush you will not need more than 20 seconds.

What will the world's first hotel for computer gamers look like?

Nipponbashi district in Osaka, Japan, will soon get a new crowd-drawer - an unusual Esports Hotel E-Zone Cyberspace. What surprises will the unusual structure hold for its visitors? 

Morgan Stanley Experts Predict a Rise in SpaceX Value to $120 Bn

The company's prospects are primarily dependent on how successful the launch of its Starlink project will be. If SpaceX fails to implement it, its value may become by an order of magnitude less.

Grocery giant Tyson Foods invests in artificial meat manufacturing 

The company has recently revealed plans to invest funds into a startup called New Wave Foods. The company is based in Silicon Valley, specializing in the production of alternative shrimp. 

DreamGlass Air – new augmented reality glasses from Dreamworld AR

Dreamworld AR has launched a new device on Kickstarter – AR glasses projecting a 200-inch virtual screen a few meters in front of a user’s eyes. The gadget integrates with any smartphones, tablet PCs, computers and even game consoles.

Robot Dasha to Be Able to Perfectly Model Human-like Speech in 2025

Employees of Novosibirsk State University reported on their plans to improve the robotic interlocutor developed by them. To remind our readers, Dasha is the world’s first robot that can talk almost like a human.

NtechLab Learns to Identify People by Their Silhouettes

Russian startup NtechLab has developed a methodology to identify people by their silhouettes enabling their movements to be tracked down. The technology will be ready within 2 months, whereupon its testing will begin.

VoloCity presents the flying taxi final version  

The German company VoloCity is rightly considered one of the leaders in the "air taxi race". A short while ago, the company finally demonstrated an aircraft that will provide passenger air transport in megacities.

Enjoy Cat Food Design Created by Cats Themselves

Norwegian designers from Good Type company have created a unique font based on cat tail movements. It will be used by Smalls, a company specializing in cat food.

Android Done away with? Puffin OS Cloud Operating System 

The new OS has been developed by CloudMosa. The software is currently used on budget smartphones Nokia 1 and Redmi Go.

AlterEgo: Friend for the Physically Challenged and Next Generation Digital Assistant

This year, the prestigious Lemelson-MIT Award was won by a student named Arnav Kapoor. The young inventor will spend the $15,000 received by him on creating a silent speech transmission system.

Solve the problem of traffic jams together with Traffix 

Traffix is a city builder game that challenges its players to solve the problem of traffic jams. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game has a lot to offer even to experienced gamers. 

Who’s the boss: Instagram and WhatsApp will be renamed

Facebook has made the decision to rename its services, Instagram and WhatsApp. Each of the app names will now also include the name of their parent company.