Microsoft started out as the joint effort of two Harvard students and soon became one of the largest and most influential IT companies in the world. The company’s main products are its MS Office package and the Windows operating system. But just like any other corporation, Microsoft is also working in other areas. The company has its own server programs and business solutions, the Azure Cloud platform, Skype and a great variety of other products. The Xbox gaming consoles have gained widespread popularity around the world. Microsoft’s typical approach, though considered controversial by many, includes buying a young startup with a promising technology. After the acquisition, development continues under Microsoft’s management. These new products aren’t always capable of conquering the market, but in any case the startup is no longer a threat to the company.

Война как игра: что известно о сотрудничестве Microsoft и армии США

War as a Game: What Do We Know about Microsoft’s Cooperation with US Army

The plans of US technology giant Microsoft to supply 100 thousand HoloLens AR headsets US Armed Forces were announced last year. Let us see what this product is about.
Microsoft готовит новую Windows для слабых компьютеров

Microsoft works on new Windows for weak computers

Users that don’t have access to high-performing equipment will soon get a chance to use a new version of the operating system that was specially developed for this market segment.
Will GitHub become worse under Microsoft? 5 alternatives for the joint development service

Will GitHub become worse under Microsoft? 5 alternatives for the joint development service

Microsoft has bought the most popular joint development service, GitHub. Several American publications had earlier…

Miner embedded in Microsoft Word documents

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Microsoft develops a decentralized identification system

Microsoft Identity Division is a department working on the development of Microsoft Authenticator.  It has…

Microsoft buys the startup PlayFab, to win the online games market

The gaming industry is moving away from desktop solutions to cloud services that do not…

Amazon and Microsoft voice assistants will cooperate

While you are asking Siri to wake you up at 8 am and asking Google…