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How space is being conquered. The history of the Hubble telescope and the research it has performed.

How space is being conquered. The history of the Hubble telescope and the research it has performed.

Space exploration is one of the main goals of the ongoing technological race between developed countries.
A Crisis of Confidence. Or Why People Believe the Earth is Flat

A Crisis of Confidence. Or Why People Believe the Earth is Flat

A lot of mixed up, and often confusing, knowledge about how our world works is stored in a person's head.
The Nobel Peace prize results for 2020

The Nobel Peace prize results for 2020

For over a century, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the world. It is awarded annually to scientists, individuals and organisations for their significant scientific achievements and meaningful contribution to the expansion of social and cultural development.

A mobile robot chemist has been created in the UK

The autonomous robot can independently plan and perform experiments. The device has been designed to help scientists who want to eliminate routine tasks.

ESA shows the most beautiful crater on Mars

The European Space Agency has presented a video of a flight over Korolev crater. The view is unbelievable!

Teacher gives a mathematics lesson in Half-Life: Alyx

We are used to seeing computer games as a good way to distract ourselves from problems and relax. But, as practice shows, they can also serve as a good platform for gaining knowledge.

The Moon could have been created by the Earth colliding with another planet

According to scientists at the University of New Mexico, the Moon could break away from the Earth because of an impact with another celestial body.

The remains of an ancient dwarf lion were discovered in Australia

We're used to the fact that animals of antiquity were bigger than their descendants. But there are exceptions to this rule: palaeontologists found the remains of an ancient lion, which was the size of an ordinary domestic cat.

Alphabet plans to save the oceans from pollution

One of the subdivisions of the holding announced a project to conserve and protect the resources of our oceans.

DNA samples found in dinosaur remains

Previously, scientists believed that in the best-case scenario, DNA could be stored for a million years, but the age of recently found dinosaur remains are seventy-five times older.

Scientists have created an eco-friendly superglue that can be unstuck

Any superglue has two problems: harmful chemicals in the composition and difficulty in detaching glued objects. It seems that both issues have been solved.

Scientists have discovered fossils of green algae which are billions of years old

We're talking about Proterocladus antiquus algae, found in northern China in the province of Liaoning.

A unique animal discovered that doesn't need oxygen

This mysterious creature is called the Henneguya salminicola;  completely lacking the Mitochondrial genome.

Carrots will suffice: scientists have named the best method of dog training

As it turned out, punishment has an adverse effect on animals' psyche.

Martian plants offer urine fertiliser

Struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) harvested from human urine, has helped to grow beans in soil that mimics alien soil.