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Scientists pioneer transplantation of cornea made from stem cells

Scientists pioneer transplantation of cornea made from stem cells

The new technology significantly reduces the risk that the transplanted tissue will be rejected.
The MIT creates a thread-like robot to remove blood clots from brain vessels

The MIT creates a thread-like robot to remove blood clots from brain vessels

Special magnets position a thread made of a special alloy inside the vessels.
SpaceX Successfully Completes New Starhopper Testing

SpaceX Successfully Completes New Starhopper Testing

The prototype of the first stage of the rocket the company is planning to use for Mars exploration, rose to the height of 150 meters and, after a short maneuver, landed onto its take-off pad.

Which way the wind is blowing in the United States - and why it matters

The wind energy industry may soon overtake coal and gas in terms of growth and profits

NASA commits to putting female astronaut on the Moon by 2024

The agency is fighting for women’s rights in all space programs

New Technology Takes Just a Few Seconds to Print Human Organs

The new method is not only faster than layer-by-layer bioprinting, but also enables more complex structures to be created with minimal damage to cells

Butter without fat: how is that possible?

The product created by Cornell University researchers looks and tastes like conventional butter. The only difference is the absence of fat and calories.

Why would Elon Musk suggest bombing Mars?

The well-known businessman has recently floated another ambitious idea: in his opinion, humankind should transform the Red planet by dropping nuclear bombs to melt the ice caps there.

Plastic has learned to disguise itself as stone.

A new study conducted by the scientists from the University of Plymouth revealed that coastal stones contain unexpectedly large amounts of plastic.

Mars exploration: fantasy versus harsh reality

Mars is a promising object for future colonizers, as well as a possible refuge in the event of a global catastrophe on Earth. So far, there are too many difficulties for relocation, but companies working in this area promise to solve them

How Neanderthals are linked to surfing?

Exostosis is a disease characterised by bone formation in ear canals. It appears as a result of hypothermia of the inner ear, that's why it usually affects surfers - people who spend hours in the water. The unofficial name of exostosis derived from this fact and the name is  "surfer's ear". 

Remains of a giant penguin found in New Zealand 

The animal's bones were found in a place called Waipara Greensand. The bird was about 1.6 meters tall and weighed 80 kg. The penguin was called Crossvallia waiparensis.

How can we clean up the World Ocean?

Every day, an enormous amount of plastic waste is dumped into the World Ocean. Approximately 40% of this plastic ends up in the water the same year it is produced. Considering the fact that plastic practically does not decompose, this contributes to a dangerous trend. 

Competitor for SpaceX rocket to be built in China

Thanks to reusable rocket nose cones, SpaceX can save up to $6 million on each launch. The company’s success has inspired many competitors to follow their lead.

Scientists invent a way to stop melting glaciers

Submarines collecting and freezing sea water will be used to stop the melting glaciers in the Arctic Ocean.
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