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A Chinese company reveals the world's most portable underwater electric scooter

A Chinese company reveals the world's most portable underwater electric scooter

The brainchild of the startup Subnado can fit in a user’s hand!
Scientists discover what spider music sounds like

Scientists discover what spider music sounds like

A surprising experiment by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed the harmony of nature.
The UK creates an "invisible shield"

The UK creates an "invisible shield"

A new campaign on Kickstarter will appeal to all those who dreamt of having superpowers when they were kids.
AirCar gets certified in Slovakia

AirCar gets certified in Slovakia

Klein Vision has been qualified to fly in the country.
The Jetson ONE aircraft is to be mass-produced

The Jetson ONE aircraft is to be mass-produced

The Swedish company Jetson has already received pre-orders for the first batch of 118 aerial vehicles.

Mechanical trees are as good at absorbing CO2 as normal trees

A unique farm of artificial trees made for air purification will become operational in April this year.

An underwater battery has been developed in the Netherlands

The battery will store electricity generated by wind turbines.

Astronomers have recorded the birth of a supernova

Scientists have witnessed the death of a red dwarf for the first time in history.

The Gravity Industries Jet Suit was recently tested by the military

The test occurred during a recent NATO exercise in Slovenia.

Hill Helicopters develops a new generation helicopter

The project perfectly reflects the company's vision of future personal transport.

Xtreme RC unveils the XRC Brawler amphibious tank

The vehicle combines outstanding performance with high off-road ability, making it one of the most appealing models in the market.

An E-ink coating enables a car to change colour on demand

BMW recently introduced their iX Flow concept car. It boasts a futuristic body made from E-ink.

Oppo has developed a smart monocle with an integrated display

The Air Glass device was unveiled recently at the annual Inno Day conference.

Scientists develop a camera five-hundred thousand times smaller than a traditional camera

American scientists have made a real breakthrough in nanotechnology.

Africa develops a bird-like plane

Phractyl has unveiled a unique aircraft concept, which is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

A Japanese TV channel is developing its own virtual assistant

There are very few details about the project. However, what is known, is that it includes the names of multiple technologies: from 5G to metadata, so the project looks very promising.

British police officers are soon to ride three-wheeled scooters

White Motorcycle Concepts have unveiled its three-wheeled hybrid scooter idea. The company developed the scooter in collaboration with the Northamptonshire County Police.

Lexus unveils its hydrogen-powered vehicle concept

The Lexus ROV is a premium SUV that is a serious competitor to electric vehicles.

A citizen from Antigua and Barbuda wins two free tickets for a flight into space

The winner has already promised to share her flight impressions on social media.

Tesla launches a quad bike for children called the Cyberquad

The novelty bike is advertised as an ideal gift for children this Christmas. However, at the moment, it's only available to purchase in the USA.

Scientists develop a drone with predatory paws

Thanks to this innovation, the drone can perch on tree branches and carry different items.

A British company reveals a robot with incredibly expressive facial expressions

Engineered Arts have released a demo video featuring the Ameca robot. In the video, the robot realistically mirrors human emotions.

Innovative technology helps to get paralytics on their feet

The technology for restoring neurons has only been tested on mice; however, scientists plan to conduct human research.

Fully electric air taxi Volocopter 2X completes its first manned flight

The event was part of the "Open the Urban Sky" campaign held by South Korea's Ministry for Land, Infrastructure and Transport.