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Orion implant will restore eyesight for vision impaired patients 

Orion implant will restore eyesight for vision impaired patients 

Second Sight Medical Products has introduced a prototype of an artificial eye for different types of vision, including infrared imaging.
New type of protein will give cells consciousness

New type of protein will give cells consciousness

An important discovery was made by scientists from universities in California and Washington: they have developed a new artificial protein that interacts with cells to give them some amazing qualities.
Ancient garfish might hold the key to limb regeneration

Ancient garfish might hold the key to limb regeneration

Scientists at Michigan State University are seriously researching the topic of limb regeneration. In the course of their research, they have taken an interest in a particular animal - the garfish.

French scientists restore eyesight for macular degeneration patient

Macular degeneration is a group of illnesses that involves the loss of photoreceptors in the central area of the patient’s retina, resulting in blindness. However, several patients’ eyesight was recently restored with a bionic eye.

Electrical stimulation will accelerate our reflexes to fantastic speeds

Scientists from Sony Corporation and the University of Chicago are working on a system of electric muscle stimulation, which will allow people to respond much faster to what is happening around them.

New tattoo inks to help you monitor your health

Biometric patterns will now change color in response to key changes in your body.

This device uses electricity to restore heart tissue

Electrical impulses have been used to cure a wide range of illnesses for some time. A recent invention is an implant that uses this method to restore heart tissue. 

Elon Musk Updates on the Progress in Neurocomputer Interface Development

It was two years ago that the billionaire registered Neuralink, the company intended to engage in the development of brain-computer interfaces. Today, its long-awaited presentation was held, at which the company's management spoke about their achievements.

Gene therapy returns sight to blind mice

A team of genetic engineers achieved such impressive results by applying a new reactivation technology for the Cngb1 gene, which destroys the retina when it is ‘switched off’. This is the first such case in history. 

New technologies to help provide assistance in space 

Injuries are a highly likely occurrence in space, but given the conditions, providing first aid to astronauts is a true challenge. Researchers from Dresden Technical University have come up with a solution to the problem.

The human heart will beat without oxygen

Scientists from The University of Manchester are currently working on teaching the big pump to work without any oxygen. This idea was inspired by ordinary turtles. 

Japanese Scientists Manage to Grow Artificial Brain

The basis for the organ was pluripotent stem cells that can differentiate into any type of cell in the body.

3D printing will help bald people get their hair back 

For a successful hair transplant operation, the patient needs healthy hair follicles. But how can completely bald people get them? Scientists from Columbia University have started printing them using a 3D printer. 

Intestinal bacteria to save the world from food allergies

Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital claim that intestinal micro flora disorders are the main cause of food allergies. Special bacteria will help to cope with the condition and bring the body’s internal environment to normal.

‘Electronic tattoos’ will help people with cardiovascular diseases

The device was developed by scientists at the University of Texas. It is much more reliable and convenient than the electrodes which were previously used to track patient health.