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Microplastics discovered in human blood

Microplastics discovered in human blood

It is virtually impossible to imagine the current world without plastic. It is almost ubiquitous: plastic is used in food production, everyday items, and even clothing.
Scientists find 100 cases of humans transmitting their virus to animals

Scientists find 100 cases of humans transmitting their virus to animals

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the theory that bats carry the coronavirus, many scientists have become interested in how disease arises and develops in the animal-human relationship.
A "Smart" exoskeleton will be able to move instead of a person

A "Smart" exoskeleton will be able to move instead of a person

The IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters research center has created a new lightweight lower-body exoskeleton made of carbon fiber.

Alcohol causes a decrease in brain volume

Hardly anyone has ever questioned that a healthy brain and alcohol consumption are mutually exclusive.

Physical activity improves memory

It's not without reason that they say that movement is life because regular exercise turns out to have benefits for our muscles and our brains.

6 of the most fascinating discoveries about the human brain

Despite the advances in science and the giant leap it has made over the past thirty years, the brain is still one of the most mysterious organs in the human body.

Scientists have completely deciphered the human genome

By 2003, the international Human Genome Project had deciphered 92% of the human genome.

Video games are to be used to treat mental disorders

Video games have long been part of modern culture and everyday life for millions of people worldwide.

Video Games in Medicine. From RPGs for Cancer to VR for PTSD

According to statistics, about 85% of American children between the ages of 2 and 17 regularly play computer games.

What is telemedicine, and does it work?

Telemedicine is remote medicine. To the familiar word "medicine," we add the Greek "tele," which translates as "away" or "far away."

Mechanical trees are as good at absorbing CO2 as normal trees

A unique farm of artificial trees made for air purification will become operational in April this year.

Innovative technology helps to get paralytics on their feet

The technology for restoring neurons has only been tested on mice; however, scientists plan to conduct human research.

Israel discovers how to extract water from the air

Thanks to a filtration system, the water is completely drinkable.

Californian scientists test a unique artificial kidney

The prototype organ can mimic haemodialysis.

LG provides the PuriCare mask with a microphone and speaker

Now the facemask can purify the air without causing inconvenience when making phone calls.