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Alexa Helps Investigate Murder

Alexa Helps Investigate Murder

Amazon has provided the police with records made by smart speakers that might have witnessed the crime.
New police drones are to help find missing people

New police drones are to help find missing people

The drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and heat-sensitive sensors, the data from which are processed by neural networks.
DJI's New Quadcopter Weighs 249 Grams

DJI's New Quadcopter Weighs 249 Grams

The quadcopter is so tiny that it is not subject to American laws governing the use of aircraft.

Google to replace Home and Mini devices that failed due to firmware upgrade

The Company has agreed to accept, among other things, devices with the expired warranty period.

Payment systems and banks suspend Galaxy S10 support due to incorrect operation of the fingerprint scanner

Samsung smartphones scanner operated in a faulty manner – it authenticated the protective film texture instead of the user’s fingerprints,  enabling anyone to unlock the gadget.

United Daily News: noise- suppressing AirPods Pro to appear by late October

This innovation will help Apple maintain its competitive edge in the market. In addition, AirPods Pro may become another health gadget offered by the company.

Google Presents Pixel 4 and Other New Products

The updated gadgets include a cool camera phone, a light-weight laptop and smart peripherals.

Flexible Batteries for Flexible Devices

Flexible displays are the latest trend among modern manufacturers of electronics. But what is the point having a flexible screen if it is poorly compatible with standard electronic components? Conventional lithium-ion batteries do not bend, and therefore, it is high time to invent a new generation of batteries.

Can-Am Presents Ryker Rally Edition, a New Off-Road Tricycle

The new model is a logical continuation of the Spyder tricycle by the same manufacturer. “Rally Edition” added to the title refers to the vehicle’s functional component.

Spot the Robot Officially Goes on Sale

Spot robot dog is one of Boston Dynamics’s most famous creations. The manufacturer did not venture to put it on sale for the long time, but it has finally happened recently. To support the launch, the company published its presentation video and shared the machine’s characteristics.

Atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics Learns Amazing Acrobatic Tricks

The renowned engineering company has released a new video presenting the new capabilities of its Atlas robot. The robot’s movements are striking in their precision and coordination.

Mi MIX Alpha from Xiaomi - the most unusual smartphone in history

The gadget's "wrap-around" screen attracts the most attention: it takes up almost the gadget’s entire body. The device will go on sale this winter.

Apple Presents iPhone 11, New Watches and iPad

The company's engineers have improved the gadgets’ performance and functions with a third camera being the most important change in the design of the latest iPhone models.

Acer Predator Thronos Air - a throne for the king of gaming 

The device is a simplified version of the Thronos seat released by the company a year ago. The new version is devoid of automatic transmissions, enabling personalized adjustments of the seat for each player. 

LG G8X ThinQ: a smartphone with two (or even three) displays 

The new device will serve as an excellent alternative to phones with flexible screens. The smartphone is called LG G8X ThinQ, and it was recently presented at the IFA 2019 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. 
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