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This cockroach can’t be squashed no matter how hard you try

This cockroach can’t be squashed no matter how hard you try

The insect in question is a cockroach robot developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The robot will be used for search operations.
Turn your dance into music with smart Mictic bracelet

Turn your dance into music with smart Mictic bracelet

To create a melody, one usually needs to master a musical instrument, or special computer software. But these times are past: now you can do it with the Mictic bracelet.
Aquanaut: an all-in-one amphibian robot and submarine

Aquanaut: an all-in-one amphibian robot and submarine

The machine easily changes its shape, which allows it to go underwater and perform all necessary works autonomously.

Vest to Command Dogs Remotely

Scientists from Israeli Ben-Gurion University have developed a device that will make dog handlers’ life easier. It is a vest that gives commands to a dog via vibrational cues.

Орро presents full-screen curved smartphone prototype

A year ago, Oppo and Vivo - subsidiaries of Chinese company BBK Electronics - engaged in a race to build the best full-screen device. Both companies are working hard to create new gadgets, and Oppo has already presented a prototype of an unusual smartphone.

Sumitomo creates tyres that generate energy as they roll

The development made by the Japanese company is a continuation of an idea first introduced by Goodyear. It is centered around the conversion of thermal energy into electricity using a special tyre texture. 

Robots from Toyota to enhance 2020 Olympic Games

Japan, one of the world's technological leaders, will host the Olympic Games in 2020. Given the specifics of the Land of the Rising Sun, it is not surprising that robots will be actively involved in the event.

Franky Zapata will cross the English Channel

He will make the journey on a hoverboard of his own design. These plans were recently shared by the inventor himself. 

Facebook introduces a prototype virtual reality bracelet

The novelty was presented at the recent IEEE World Haptics Conference. The new way of management will take VR to an entirely new level.

Lumi – the XXI century diapers

Huggies has recently released a "smart" diaper Monit available in the South Korean market. Unwilling to lag behind the competitor, the Pampers team has presented its solution to the eternal problem.

This device generates energy when you walk

A special energy harvester is attached to the knee that bears the most strain when walking. The device does not cause any discomfort to its wearer. 

Swiss startup presents ‘flying saucer’ drone

Company representatives claim that the unusual construction of the drone is not purely an aesthetic choice - in fact, it will also protect the device from potential damages.

Drones Can Now Spew Flames Like Real Dragons

Throwflame company has created a flamethrower that can be attached to a drone. The device has multiple applications from burning weeds to destroying wasp nests.

Hopping SpaceBok Robot to Help Explore the Moon

The machine has been developed by a student team from the Swiss Higher School of Technology and Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The device is specifically designed to operate under low gravity conditions.

How Collective Intelligence Will Help Robots Handle Any Task.

EPFL engineers have designed Tribot robots, each of which is useless by itself, but together they are capable of completing most complex tasks.
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