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The Cheetah robot learns acrobatic tricks

The Cheetah robot learns acrobatic tricks

According to a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, their Cheetah robot has learned to do back flips and get up after falls. Earlier, it also learned to accelerate up to 45.5 km/h, surpassing Usain Bolt himself.
Vahana Project: the flying taxi

Vahana Project: the flying taxi

Vahana is a project focusing on creating next-generation aircraft, launched by European company Airbus. The manufacturer has recently concluded the very first test flights of its Alpha Two prototype, which was developed as part of the program.
Following Samsung: Huawei and Oppo present folding smartphones

Following Samsung: Huawei and Oppo present folding smartphones

In an effort to keep up with Samsung, Huawei and Oppo have presented their very own folding gadgets. Despite the obvious similarities (namely, their folding feature), the smartphones come with notable differences.


Space has always fascinated people. Even in antiquity, travelers learned to navigate by the stars. The first detailed map of the stars dates back to 140 AD. However, many sources claim that astronomy...

Nokia presents new smartphone

A photo recently posted on Twitter gives away the first hints at the upcoming release. The most remarkable feature? The phone is equipped with 5 cameras.

New Gadgets by Samsung

Samsung unveiled its new gadgets at the presentation held in San Francisco on February 20. They include a foldable smartphone, fitness trackers and other products by the famous South Korean company.

Xiaomi presentation highlights

The Heavenly Empire witnessed the launch of Xiaomi’s new smartphone brands - Mi 9 Explorer Edition and Mi 9 SE. This review will discuss the models and sum up the presentations’ results.

Pod Eight Sleep: yet another smart bed

Pod Eight Sleep is a liquid mattress cooling system that is bound to appeal to a lot of married couples. It can adjust one side of the bed to a specified temperature level.

UK scientists develop flags that can produce energy

The invention was developed at the University of Manchester. It represented a unique hybrid of a solar generator and a windmill, attached to a regular flag.

How ants help a robot to navigate without GPS

Researches have got an insight into the navigation method the Sahara desert ants use: the search for the right path is complicated.\n

Leonardo: A bird-like robot

Leonardo is a case when wildlife inspired robotics. We wrote about an insect robot in one of our previous materials but this time, we will talk about a bird robot. Birds have quite delicate and gangly legs....

Ford’s smart bed

Ford is widely recognized as a famous automobile manufacturer, but very few people know that the company actively invests in developing technologies that have nothing to do with the automotive industry. The company recently presented a high tech bed.

Bose presents new innovations

Bose is one of the world leading audio device manufacturers. The company is unique in its willingness to experiment and active integration of new technologies. Let’s take a look at some of the company’s new releases.\n

Jet Capsule Presents Its New Mini Yacht

Jet Capsule, a famous yacht manufacturer, has presented its latest brainchild – Royal Version 001 watercraft. It is much faster, bigger and more luxurious than all its predecessors and analogues.\n

Second life: discarded gadgets to be recycled into olympic medals

This original solution will reduce the government’s expenses on event organization and will highlight the importance of environmental preservation.\n