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North Focals: the #1 smart glasses

North Focals: the #1 smart glasses

by Hitecher

There’s been talk about developing smart glasses for some time now, but all development projects have failed so far due to low profitability. But it seems like this negative trend is about to turn around and the new smart glasses - Focals by North - have every chance of taking the market by storm.

The new device has already received a lot of positive feedback from users. It includes features that set it apart from competitors, like the built-in online store from Spotify and the option of controlling it even when the screen is switched off using a Loop ring with a small controller. This might make it convenient for switching through songs, mapping directions and other actions that don’t require a display screen.

The Rewind option is created with business people in mind. It works like a recording device that can register speech and send an audio and a deciphered transcript after the speech. What’s more, with Focals you will always know the weather, you will be able to manage your voice assistants and connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

The standard version of the device costs $600, and there is also a version for visually impaired users going for $800.

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