Инженеры создали робота-амфибию, способного передвигаться где угодно

Engineers Create an Amphibious Robot That Can Move Anywhere

Amphibous robots have been around for a long time, but they are all equipped with dangerous blades that can cause harm to marine animals and plants. A fundamentally different approach was demonstrated by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania and McGill University, who have made their Aqua2 machine completely safe.
Вооруженные силы США запасаются дронами для пехоты

The U.S. military is stockpiling drones for infantry

The U.S. Army is actively equipping its infantry with Black Hornet UAVs to help soldiers inspect an area while remaining invisible to the enemy.
SpaceX сообщила об успешном выведении на орбиту 60 спутников Starlink

SpaceX Announces a Successful Launch of 60 Starlink Satellites

Elon Musk’s has long shared his plans to provide global Interne coverage with the world. There is still a long way to go before this goal – the launching of 12 thousand satellites into Earth orbit – is achieved, but the first step has been made.

Yandex Conference concluded in Moscow

On May 23, Moscow became the setting for Yet another Conference (YaC) - an annual event where Yandex representatives showcase their latest features. The conference - running under the official slogan of ‘The future is in the details!’ - was very eventful.

A man and a robot work together: what does it look like?

When given specific instructions, robots are very useful in industry. But researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believe, it would make more sense to turn them into full-fledged members of the work team.

USPS tests autonomous trucks

American postal service USPS has recently started testing autonomous trucks made by startup TuSimple. The tests will run for a total of two weeks.

Russian Scientists Learn to “Animate” Static Images

A team of developers from Samsung AI Center-Moscow and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology has created a program that can generate animated images based on one or several shots, whereas earlier this task required a whole image database.

Scientists Have Spotted One of the Rarest Objects in the Entire Space

Space is vast and it has many objects that we know to exist, but have never seen yet. Now, there is one such object less, as astronomers have recently spotted one of the rarest neutron stars in the Universe.

Minecraft Earth to follow the success of Pokemon Go

Ten years ago, the famous game of Minecraft was first released. When celebrating this anniversary, Microsoft announced the upcoming summer release of Minecraft Earth: a new game within this game universe that would actively use augmented reality technology.

Texas scientists make breakthrough in immune system research

T-lymphocytes play a critical role in the operation of our immune systems. But until recently, scientists were unable to understand how these cells learned to identify harmful cells. Scientists from the University of Texas have recently lifted the shroud of this mystery and followed by sharing an illustrative video with the world.

Little Printer: a new means of communication

Little Printer is a device created by Berg, serving as a means of quickly printing small documents - however, the project initially flopped. Today, the concept has been revived, but in a brand-new format.

Autonomous electric trucks launched in Sweden

T-pod, a prototype of a completely autonomous electric truck, was first introduced two years ago by Swedish company Einride. Logistics company DB Schenker expressed great interest in the vehicle, and the truck passed all tests in 2018. It has recently been put to commercial use.

Doggo: the robot stuntman

Doggo was created by students at Stanford University. The machine is built in a way that it can be assembled by anyone. The necessary components can be purchased in stores, while the software and necessary documentation are publicly available.

Google introduces new VR headset

The device is called Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Its initial purpose was exclusively gaming, but it is currently positioned as an instrument for surgeons, engineers and other specialists.

The world’s fastest plane: what will it look like?

US-based company Hermeus has announced plans to create a new ultrasonic commercial liner. If their official announcement is to be believed, the vehicle will have a maximum Mach number of 5 (approximately 6100 km/h) which will earn it a position as the fastest plane in the world.

VR mistakes to be punished in real life

Feedback is an important component of computer games. A recent development at the University of Portsmouth represents a completely new type of in-game interaction. A group of students led by James Bruton built a robot that hits gamers for making mistakes in VR.

Flying taxis are one step closer to reality

German-based company Lilium Jet has been talking about plans to create an electric flying taxi service for a long time, with the ultimate goal of reducing traffic on the streets and harmful emissions in the air. Their prototype airplane has recently made its first flight.

Kymera, an Electric One-man Watercraft for Real Speed Lovers

We all know about electric cars, electric motorcycles and even electric powered aircraft. But what about the water transport?

New Whiskey Blend Developed by Neural Network to Hit the Market

Artificial intelligence is able to perform increasingly diverse tasks. As technologies have advanced this far, a computer was entrusted with the task of developing a new blend of whiskey in Sweden. The work will be performed by Swedish developers in partnership with Microsoft.

Hens Are Happy: Scientists Find Protein Substitute for Eggs

Chicken eggs are a staple ingredient of modern day eating and an excellent source of proteins needed by the human body. But the market is full of counterfeits making this product the cause of the greatest number of food poisoning cases.

Researchers Explain the Secret of Male Peacock Spider Coloration

This week Proceedings of the Royal Society published an article, in which scientists disclosed the results of their research on the coloration of male peacock spiders. The study was headed by Dakota McCoy, a biologist at Harvard University.

Hydrogel to Stop Arterial Bleeding

Chinese scientists have invented a hydrogel that can stop arterial bleeding, a most dangerous kind of bleeding to human health. The innovation has already been tested on animals.

Mousegun, a New Type of Gamepad for Shooters

Chinese manufacturer Ragnok has presented a new type of a game controller. The gadget is designed exclusively for shooters, first-person games involving a lot of shooting. The device is designed as a hybrid of a vertical joystick and a pistol.

What will a 3D-printed housing development look like?

Construction is considered one of the most promising areas for 3D-printing application. It’ll soon help provide affordable housing to low-income families.
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