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The first unmanned plywood drone created

The first unmanned plywood drone created

Metal or plastic are usually selected as aircraft material. But drone production is not cheap, so sometimes engineers find rather extravagant solutions.
The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air

The Lazareth flying motorcycle lifts off into the air

Lazareth, a French motorcycle brand, has recently posted a video featuring the flight of the Moto Volante model presented last year. With this, the company has dispelled the skeptics’ assumption that the bike is not destined to fly.
SABRE Approved: Hybrid Jet Engine Project Defended

SABRE Approved: Hybrid Jet Engine Project Defended

The United Kingdom and European Space Agencies have given the go-ahead to the manufacturing of SABER hybrid hypersonic engine capable of operating both in space and the Earth's atmosphere. As the next stage, individual parts of the future device will be tested.

Flying motorcycle Speeder now available for pre-order

Jetpack Aviation’s decision to release a flying motorcycle came as a great surprise to its clients; the company previously stated that it would focus its efforts on developing a flying automobile.

PAL-V unveils flying car production model

Many companies are currently working on developing prototypes of flying cars, but most of them are still stuck working on concepts, or test models at best. Liberty Pioneer Edition is the first such vehicle that has already been certified and is ready to fly.

Vahana Project: the flying taxi

Vahana is a project focusing on creating next-generation aircraft, launched by European company Airbus. The manufacturer has recently concluded the very first test flights of its Alpha Two prototype, which was developed as part of the program.

Shell and Alphabet to build flying power plant

News has just come in about plans to build a power station with wind generators in Norway. The project will be implemented by Shell and Makani, a subsidiary of Alphabet. Construction will be completed within two years. \n

Beta Technologies Developing an Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft

The aircraft maximum speed is 300 km/h and the flight range is up to 250 km

A3 has successfully tested unmanned air taxi

A³, a subsidiary Airbus is working on a project of an unmanned flying taxi called Vahana since 2016. On January 31, 2018  the company has tested a full-size prototype, which was named Alpha One. The aircraft...

Flying taxi from Hoversurf

The idea of using aircraft as urban transport is up in the air. The introduction of three dimensional flying machines into the traffic of megacities is only being held back because of security issues. The...

Zunum Aero will create electric planes for regional flights

American startup, Zunum Aero, is developing a line of small hybrid propulsion aircraft. The company aims to transform the regional air travel market where it is not profitable to use large aircraft. New...