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PayPal has given the green light to cryptocurrencies

PayPal has given the green light to cryptocurrencies

This breakthrough means that PayPal account holders will be able to make transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
Tesla cars start mining Bitcoin

Tesla cars start mining Bitcoin

The onboard computer was reformatted into a Bitcoin node. 
Hackers break into Upbit cryptocurrency exchange and steal $50 million

Hackers break into Upbit cryptocurrency exchange and steal $50 million

Some users suspect that the break-in was an inside job.

2017 cryptocurrency price boom may have been caused by one Bitcoin ‘whale’ 

One year ago, researchers claimed that the price spike was driven by several major players, but after analyzing transactions made in Bitcoin and Tether, they concluded that the crypto race may have been created by just one whale.

Pavel Durov will not have to return $1.7 billion to TON investors

Most investors have agreed to wait until April 30 - TON creators want to postpone and reschedule the platform’s official launch to this date.

Five-month delay for TON launch

SEC is demanding to register the tokens as securities, while Telegram insists that the cryptocurrency is not a security.

Tim Cook doesn't approve of private cryptocurrencies

Apple CEO explained his position by the fact that financial institutions should be subordinate to the state. Corporations often seek benefits primarily for themselves, but not for the society.

The Gram wallet already available in Telegram's alpha version for iOS

So far, users have had access to the basic functions of creating and deleting wallets and exchanging tokens. A full release is scheduled for the end of October 2019.

French Ministry of Finance seeks to block Mark Zuckerberg’s cryptocurrency

According to the Finance Minister, the Libra cryptocurrency is a threat to the monetary sovereignty of European countries.

Decentralized app store attracts $1 million in funding

The company will use the funds to enter new markets and grow their user base.

A $10 billion lawsuit could bring down the crypto currency market

Professor Craig Wright, posing as Satoshi Nakamoto, is to hand over 410,000 Bitcoins to his partner’s family.

TON Blockchain Network to Launch Public Texting According to Plan

The new blockchain project will be available from September 1, which means that Pavel Durov will keep his promise to launch TON by October 31, 2019.

Japanese HR Invests in Blockchain Technology

Recruit Holdings is Japan's largest HR services company. Recently, the giant valued at $50 billion has heavily funded an American blockchain startup. What do HR and decentralized technologies have in common?

Indian State of Maharashtra Getting Ready to Test Blockchain Technology 

Indian mass media have reported on the plans of the state government to use blockchain to improve the efficiency of entire economy sectors.

Crypto currency exchange Binance to launch Libra analogue

As part of the Venus project, the company will issue stable coins pegged to fiat currencies of various countries.