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Japanese HR Invests in Blockchain Technology

Japanese HR Invests in Blockchain Technology

Recruit Holdings is Japan's largest HR services company. Recently, the giant valued at $50 billion has heavily funded an American blockchain startup. What do HR and decentralized technologies have in common?
Indian State of Maharashtra Getting Ready to Test Blockchain Technology 

Indian State of Maharashtra Getting Ready to Test Blockchain Technology 

Indian mass media have reported on the plans of the state government to use blockchain to improve the efficiency of entire economy sectors.
Crypto currency exchange Binance to launch Libra analogue

Crypto currency exchange Binance to launch Libra analogue

As part of the Venus project, the company will issue stable coins pegged to fiat currencies of various countries.

Audius vs. Modern Music Industry

Audius is a blockchain startup seeking to cut middlemen out of the music business. The company has recently presented its blockchain’s beta version.

Brazilian Bank BTG Pactual Joins PTDL Group

A leading Latin American investment bank has joined PTDL Group, an organization developing a blockchain platform for financial market participants.

Kelly Services Enters into Strategic Partnership with Moonlighting

A major recruiting company announced its cooperation with Moonlighting blockchain-based platform.

Pay with Samsung crypto currency

The South Korean technology giant has added a new feature to its Blockchain Keystore app store: users can now pay with the company's crypto currency.

A smart blockchain city to be built in Cambodia

The authorities of the Cambodian capital have decided to build a smart city of 100 hectares in Phnom Penh. The project will be implemented by Singapore-based startup Limestone Network.

Blockchain to protect the oldest Korean bank

Korea's oldest bank, Shinhan Bank, has signed a contract to build a new security system based on blockchain.

Who was affected by the North Korean cyber attacks?

The United Nations are currently investigating 35 North Korean cyber attacks in 17 countries. Last week, information surfaced revealing that the country had spent over $2 billion stolen funds on financing national weapons programmes. 

South Korea Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency

The coin to be issued by November this year will become part of the smart city concept, which is planned to be implemented in Seoul.

Amazon Working on Advertising Blockchain

To do that, the company is planning to hire a specialist to develop the relevant software.

Lock, stock: former Microsoft employee arrested for cryptocurrency theft

The suspect is 25-year-old Ukrainian national Volodymyr Kvashuk. The damage inflicted is estimated at $10 million.

Libra – hype, revolution or sham?

Over the past few weeks, Libra has probably become the most discussed topic in all media outlets. There is a lot of speculation around the topic: someone views initiative as a threat, while others believe that it is a long-awaited breakthrough.

Visa moves to blockchain, gets rid of passwords

Digital asset security startup Anchorage has recently attracted over $40 million in funding. Investors included Visa, Andreessen Horowitz and other companies.