Scientists have created an Artificial Intelligence that can create AI all by itself!

Scientists have created an Artificial Intelligence that can create AI all by itself!

The potential of AI is limitless, and scientists continue developing this field of knowledge, trying to create a full-fledged analog of the human brain capable of computing and thinking, creating, and even creating.
Alcohol causes a decrease in brain volume

Alcohol causes a decrease in brain volume

Hardly anyone has ever questioned that a healthy brain and alcohol consumption are mutually exclusive.

Physical activity improves memory

It's not without reason that they say that movement is life because regular exercise turns out to have benefits for our muscles and our brains.

Hyundai to launch air taxi by 2028

Supernal, owned by Korean carmaker Hyundai Motor Group, has started the development of an electric aerial vehicle.

Scientists have completely deciphered the human genome

By 2003, the international Human Genome Project had deciphered 92% of the human genome.

The Milky Way is older than scientists originally thought

It turns out that the galaxy's thick disc began forming as early as 13 billion years ago. That's two billion years earlier than scientists had previously thought!

Video games are to be used to treat mental disorders

Video games have long been part of modern culture and everyday life for millions of people worldwide.

Tesla to begin production of humanoid robot

The model will be called Optimus. Its development is scheduled to start in 2023.

An elastic display that is thinner than duct tape

Scientists at Stanford University have developed an innovative display that is at least twice as bright as modern smartphone screens and three times thinner.

Scientists take a photograph of a black hole located in the centre of our galaxy

The Event Horizon Telescope has taken a photograph of the black hole Sagittarius A*, located in the centre of the Milky Way.

A drone from the Scottish company Flowcopter can carry loads of up to 100 kg

The heavy-lifting drone is powered by a Rotax hydrocarbon engine. Sometime in the future, the Flowcopter drones will be capable of delivering loads of up to 150 kg across a distance of up to 900 km.

A bouncy, jumping robot has been developed in California

Scientists have based their work on the body structures of kangaroos, frogs, and other jumping animals.

Lithuania develops a drone to intercept other drones

Inventor Aleksey Zaitsevsky has developed an Interceptor device capable of capturing other drones.

NASA is to test a space catapult

Together with SpinLaunch, the space agency is developing a new system for launching objects into space.
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