WhatsApp ‘Delete for everyone’ feature does not remove files from your iPhone

WhatsApp ‘Delete for everyone’ feature does not remove files from your iPhone

The client used for the iOS messenger deletes media files from the conversation, but they are not deleted from the recipient’s phone.
Japanese HAWK30 pseudo-satellite passes first tests

Japanese HAWK30 pseudo-satellite passes first tests

Engineers tested on-board system security and telecommunications connectivity.
Tesla patents next-generation battery

Tesla patents next-generation battery

Company engineers claim that the battery will last for up to 1.6 million kilometers of travel.

Smart screenshot search feature to be added in Android phones

The service will identify information in screenshots using OCR. 

New iOS 13 bug gives access to your contacts without unlocking your phone

The previous version of the system included the exact same workaround.

Brain2Char algorithm turns brain activity into text

The technology works even if the user is saying words in their head.

Scientists create the darkest-ever material

The material is made from multiple carbon nanotubes on an aluminium foil base.

Scientists patent system to clean up space debris

Scientists at Bauman Moscow State Technical University have developed a system made up of 16 satellites. They claim that this is the most rational solution to the problem of space debris.

New medication will treat polycystic kidney disease

Until recently, a kidney transplant was the only option for patients diagnosed with PKD.

French Ministry of Finance seeks to block Mark Zuckerberg’s cryptocurrency

According to the Finance Minister, the Libra cryptocurrency is a threat to the monetary sovereignty of European countries.

Information security specialists discover virus that steals financial and military data

The malware is based on the Ryuk cypher, but instead of demanding ransom, it simply steals files.

Gene therapy transforms glial cells into functioning neurons 

The authors of the study believe that in the future the method will contribute to the effective recovery of victims of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Russian astronomer discovers first interstellar comet

This is the second known space object outside our galaxy, following the ‘Oumouamoua comet.

'Deepfake' instead of pixels on your face

Norwegian developers have trained a neural network to swap real people's faces for anonymous computer-generated versions. This technology will help preserve the privacy of people in photos.

Apple Presents iPhone 11, New Watches and iPad

The company's engineers have improved the gadgets’ performance and functions with a third camera being the most important change in the design of the latest iPhone models.
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