French Scientists Create Glass That Helps You Save on Air Conditioning.

French Scientists Create Glass That Helps You Save on Air Conditioning.

That will be particularly useful in countries with warm climates.
An updated invisibility shield is now on sale

An updated invisibility shield is now on sale

Which is great news for anyone who dreamed of becoming invisible as a child.
The UAE Hosted the First Ever Jet Suit Race in Dubai

The UAE Hosted the First Ever Jet Suit Race in Dubai

The main sponsor and organiser of the tournament was Gravity Industries, a company founded by inventor Richard Browning.

GPT-4 AI language model can think like a human

The upgraded AI-powered language model, dubbed GPT-4, scored 297 on the bar exam, outperforming the average score by 7%.

Banks and large corporations are developing their blockchain systems

Investment bank Goldman Sachs has filed a patent for its blockchain technology, and Amazon has announced the imminent launch of its own NFT marketplace.

Axiom Space presents a prototype space suit for the moon landing planned for 2025

Axiom Space representatives have unveiled a prototype commercial space suit for landing astronauts on the moon called the Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit.

Research engineers help children with disabilities with the assistance of robots

Students with disabilities can now benefit from additional learning support.

A new generation of flying robots is here

The deteriorating environmental situation has prompted scientists to create new flying AI systems.

FRIDA, the new robot artist, emerges

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a robotic arm design with an attached paintbrush.

Scientists are developing the computers of the future

"Biocomputers" are computers powered by human brain cells. Scientists insist that the technology for creating these devices will be developed soon.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can detect Alzheimer's disease at an early stage

Research by scientists from Drexel University has demonstrated that the OpenAI GPT-3 software can analyse human speech. Based on the information obtained, the AI system detects the initial stages of dementia and Alzheimer's disease with an accuracy of up to 80%.

Artificial intelligence systems have the first-ever class-action lawsuit filed against them in the United States

Artists Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKernan and Carla Ortiz have filed a lawsuit against Stability AI and Midjourney.

Scientists create an advanced robot dog named RaiBo

A research group at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a new four-legged robot control technology.

Scientists create an artificial intelligence system capable of generating proteins

The American company Salesforce Research has developed an artificial intelligence program, ProGen, to transform amino acids into artificial proteins.
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