Giant jellyfish discovered in the United Kingdom

Giant jellyfish discovered in the United Kingdom

The enormous animal was discovered by TV presenter Lizzie Daly. This happened when the reporter was diving in Falmouth, England. 
Elon Musk Updates on the Progress in Neurocomputer Interface Development

Elon Musk Updates on the Progress in Neurocomputer Interface Development

It was two years ago that the billionaire registered Neuralink, the company intended to engage in the development of brain-computer interfaces. Today, its long-awaited presentation was held, at which the company's management spoke about their achievements.
Scientists Learn How Moons Are Formed

Scientists Learn How Moons Are Formed

Not only have researchers built a theoretical model, but they were also able to watch a moon forming around exoplanet PDS 70c.

Dolphin 1 — a New Generation Lifebuoy 

Dolphin 1 differs from a regular lifebuoy in that it is remote-controlled. A rescuer can stay on the shore, while Dolphin 1 propels itself out to the drowning person.

Pepper will grow on ISS

The next package sent to American astronauts will contain some chili pepper seeds. The first harvest will mature by November 2019. 

NASA will build first space wharf in history

The space agency has entered into a contract with US based company Made In Space. Together they will launch the Archinaut One spaceship, which will put together satellites right on the orbit. 

Gene therapy returns sight to blind mice

A team of genetic engineers achieved such impressive results by applying a new reactivation technology for the Cngb1 gene, which destroys the retina when it is ‘switched off’. This is the first such case in history. 

NASA shows more than 4 thousand exoplanets

The agency has released a video atlas including images of more than 4 thousand space objects. All of them were discovered by scientists from different countries, starting from fall 1991. 

Pilots will see through planes

This will be achieved using the Striker II HMD helmet from British company BAE Systems. The device was initially built for military purposes.

Australia Starts Phase 2 of Busbot Programme 

The programme is intended for full-scale implementation of unmanned public transport. The honour to receive the know-how was awarded to Coffs Harbor in New South Wales.

Artificial Intelligence Becomes the New World Online Poker Champion 

The programme developed by Facebook experts and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University has become the absolute world champion after beating the world’s 12 best poker players.

Hopping SpaceBok Robot to Help Explore the Moon

The machine has been developed by a student team from the Swiss Higher School of Technology and Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The device is specifically designed to operate under low gravity conditions.

Libra – hype, revolution or sham?

Over the past few weeks, Libra has probably become the most discussed topic in all media outlets. There is a lot of speculation around the topic: someone views initiative as a threat, while others believe that it is a long-awaited breakthrough.

Boston Dynamics. Company history

How the company became the most famous robot manufacturer without building a single commercial model, and what can be expected from Boston Dynamics in the future

Agent Smith is a threat to the security of your smartphone

The virus replaces WhatsApp and other popular services with harmful copies. 
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