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NASA to print equipment on 3D printers

NASA to print equipment on 3D printers

3D printing is one of the major inventions of our day. The first 3D printer appeared in 1986, and the technology has made great strides since then. It is nowadays used even in the space industry.\n
China introduces smart prisons

China introduces smart prisons

The system will be tested in Hong Kong. 8300 inmates currently hosted in local prisons will be controlled by cutting-edge technologies.
3D printing: from cakes to firearms

3D printing: from cakes to firearms

3D used to be known exclusively in cinemas. But in recent years 3D printing has become increasingly popular, and is sometimes called alternative design. The technology was first introduced in 1984. After several decades it has the possibility to change the world beyond recognition.

Artificial Intelligence looses to a human

The Project Debater Programme from IBM is intended to prove its opinion in debates with humans. Last summer it gained an impressive victory over TV anchor Dan Zafir but met with a more challenging opponent a few days ago.\n

When to expect a global wireless Internet

SpaceX, Google, Facebook and other companies are working to create a new wireless infrastructure. The developers will not only have to solve the complex engineering problems of moving the Internet into the stratosphere or into orbit, but also to deal with the space debris, to withstand competition and come to agreement with politicians and antitrust services

Scientists report on the dangers of self-driving cars

Sustainability, safety, and elimination of human error – these are all undeniable advantages of self-driving cars. But for any type of technology, there are potential risks…\n

Quantum computer: a panacea for computing technology?

Quantum computers are increasingly gaining traction — not just among scientists, but also with journalists excited about the upcoming computing technology revolution set to completely transform our world....

A new virus attacks computers around the world

Information security experts have reported a new virus and there are no efficient methods today to combat the malware nicknamed Djvu. Djvu is spreading on the Internet like an avalanche, attacking many devices...

Project Alias To Protect You From Information Leaks

Virtual assistants today are incredibly popular. These compact devices make people’s lives easier by helping them find necessary information on the web, offering smart home solutions and completing other...

What is Augmented Reality (AR)

Human perception is naturally constrained by the physiological limits of our sensory organs. For thousands of years, we’ve been using a variety of instruments to enhance our perception of the world,...

AMD releases first 7 nm video cards

Radeon VII to compete with GeForce RTX 2080 from NVIDIA

Beta Technologies Developing an Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Aircraft

The aircraft maximum speed is 300 km/h and the flight range is up to 250 km

IBM Unveils Its First Quantum Computer Model

The IBM Q System One cannot yet be purchased, but users will be able to rent computing power

A bug on Twitter allows you to write tweets and personal messages on behalf of another user

To exploit the vulnerability, you just need to know the phone number of the other person.

A new algorithm brings photos and pictures to life

Animated virtual characters make AR applications more spectacular.
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