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IBM Unveils Its First Quantum Computer Model

IBM Unveils Its First Quantum Computer Model

The IBM Q System One cannot yet be purchased, but users will be able to rent computing power
A bug on Twitter allows you to write tweets and personal messages on behalf of another user

A bug on Twitter allows you to write tweets and personal messages on behalf of another user

To exploit the vulnerability, you just need to know the phone number of the other person.
A new algorithm brings photos and pictures to life

A new algorithm brings photos and pictures to life

Animated virtual characters make AR applications more spectacular.

The Boring Company Unveils Its First Electric Vehicle Tunnel

The system still operates in the test mode and can be tried out by invitation only\n

Baden-Württemberg to sue Volkswagen

The claim follows a scandal over the company's understating harmful diesel emissions

Hello, computer? The brain is connected!

How neurointerfaces allow you to fight disease by the power of thought The RBC St. Petersburg award was held on December 5th, 2018. This is an award in the field of businesses which aims to promote civilized...

Google Not Giving up the Possibility a Censored Search Engine for China

The US House of Representatives asked Google CEO questions about the new search engine for China, data privacy and the company’s political neutrality\n

Uber plans to integrate the London bus timetable and subway map into its application

After the renewal of the license in London, the company tries to win back its position in the local market\n

Google+ to Close down Early after Data Leak Affecting Over 50 Million User Accounts

The company will close down its service for ordinary users in April.\n

A New Scandal: Facebook Providing User Data to Companies

The British Parliament has published internal confidential correspondence between Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg and the social network’s other employees. 250 pages of corporate e-mails provide for...

Audi to invest € 14 billion in electric cars with autopilot

Volkswagen is aggressively developing a strategy for the transition from hydrocarbon fuel to electricity. By 2025, the Group of companies plans to supply the market with up to 3 million fully electric cars...

Mozilla adds support for several languages to its VR browser to expand the audience

In addition to English, the new version of Firefox Reality 1.1 browser now supports Chinese (Mandarin), French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and Korean languages. The update will enable the Company...

Hackers Gain Access to Data of 100 Million Quora User Accounts

Employees of the Quora knowledge sharing service discovered that unknown hackers managed to access one of the company’s systems. The attack could affect about 100 million users. Quora reported about it in its...

The Swiss police change over to Tesla Model X

The Swiss police have converted Tesla Model X to patrol vehicles. A few months ago the Swiss police announced that they were replacing 7 diesel cars with 7 Tesla Model X 100D electric cars. In the Police...

2001: A Space Odyssey helps launch the first 8K channel

On 1 December, NHK TV Company launched the first super-high definition 8k television channel. The new broadcasting format which the company named Super Hi-Vision supports 7680×4320 pixels resolution, the speed...
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