autonomous vehicles

Ученые сообщили об угрозе беспилотных автомобилей

Scientists report on the dangers of self-driving cars

Sustainability, safety, and elimination of human error – these are all undeniable advantages of self-driving cars. But for any type of technology, there are potential risks…
General Atomics научит британские беспилотники уклоняться от столкновений

General Atomics to Teach UK Drones to Prevent Collisions

The American company will equip the United Kingdom’s aircraft with state-of-the-art electronics expanding the scope of their use for military and civilian purposes.
Придуман язык для общения людей и машин

Language for human-autonomous cars communication is here

Jaguar, keen to facilitate the interaction between people and driverless taxis, and has developed a language of its own for this purpose.

Amazon Working on Unmanned Deliveries

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched the development of an unmanned goods delivery system.

Driverless Vehicles: How unmanned cars are conquering the world

Automation is taking over the world. The era of traditional manned vehicles is approaching its end. We need to recognize…

A self-driving Uber killed a bike driver

For the first time the tests of a self-driving car led to the death of…

A3 has successfully tested unmanned air taxi

A³, a subsidiary Airbus is working on a project of an unmanned flying taxi called…