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Volvo autonomous truck finds first application

Volvo autonomous truck finds first application

by Hitecher

Last fall, a prototype of the Volvo Vera autonomous electric truck was presented in Sweden. The car recently passed preliminary tests and found its first practical application.

This electric truck does not need to be controlled, which is why it does not have a driving cab. The car is made up of a four-wheel platform with an attached trailer.

Volvo will collaborate with shipping company DFDS for the test: Vera will be tasked with transporting containers from a transport hub in Göteborg to the local port. The car will reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h. During the tests, the transportation will be monitored by a remote operator.

Volvo Vera was intended as an electric truck that can transport cargo across small distances. In the future, the company has plans to build an entire fleet of similar vehicles, with each one linked to a server. This will allow them to reduce transportation costs and guarantee regular shipments of cargo and products, avoiding traffic in the streets.

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