artificial intelligence

Искусственный интеллект научился генерировать лица людей

Artificial intelligence has learned to generate human faces

The word combination "neural network" has become quite fashionable, but most people only know in theory what it stands for. Site, created to work with the StyleGAN neural network, is a pleasant exception.

Artificial Intelligence looses to a human

The Project Debater Programme from IBM is intended to prove its opinion in debates with humans. Last summer it gained an impressive victory over TV anchor Dan Zafir but met with a more challenging opponent a few days ago.
Искусственный интеллект научился создавать приправы

Artificial intelligence has learned to create seasonings

Artificial intelligence "ONE", created by IBM Corporation jointly with food producer McCormick & Company, has already invented several types of flavors that will reach the market this year.

Harvard scientists have created an ultramodern exoskeleton

The device’s main advantage over its peers is the ability to adapt to user specifics.

Smart prostheses are around the corner

New artificial limbs based on AI technology will allow them to adapt to the needs of their users.

Insects to Help Create IA

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) has announced a…

The startup Atomwise has attracted $45 million to search for new drugs using AI

Founded in 2012, the startup Atomwise develops neural networks for the search for new drugs.…

AT&T gains positions on the AI-front

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most popular trends in the modern IT industry.…