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Giant jellyfish discovered in the United Kingdom

Giant jellyfish discovered in the United Kingdom

The enormous animal was discovered by TV presenter Lizzie Daly. This happened when the reporter was diving in Falmouth, England. 
Scientists Learn How Moons Are Formed

Scientists Learn How Moons Are Formed

Not only have researchers built a theoretical model, but they were also able to watch a moon forming around exoplanet PDS 70c.
Pepper will grow on ISS

Pepper will grow on ISS

The next package sent to American astronauts will contain some chili pepper seeds. The first harvest will mature by November 2019. 

NASA will build first space wharf in history

The space agency has entered into a contract with US based company Made In Space. Together they will launch the Archinaut One spaceship, which will put together satellites right on the orbit. 

NASA shows more than 4 thousand exoplanets

The agency has released a video atlas including images of more than 4 thousand space objects. All of them were discovered by scientists from different countries, starting from fall 1991. 

Scientists discover bird leg with enormous middle toe

The remains are 98 million years old, according to paleontologists. The leg was discovered inside a piece of amber that had been purchased in Myanmar. 

Engineers create ‘smart glass’ with image recognition feature

Oddly enough, the glass panel does not have any electronic components or other mechanisms. 

Meet the Loudest Worm on Earth

The species is called Leocratides kimuraorum, and it can produce sounds at up to 157 decibels.

LightSail 2 Establishes Communication with Earth

LightSail 2 belongs to the solar sailing type of spacecraft intended to reduce the cost of satellite fuel for space corporations.

Former NASA astronaut decides to circumnavigate the Earth in 48 hours 

Terry Virts has already made 3400 orbits around the Earth in Space, and now he has decided to start a new journey - this time in the atmosphere. It will be the fastest journey in history.

The first ever photo of an atom's magnetic field

A tiny MRI installation helped to get exclusive shots. Physicists not only photographed the magnetic field, but also managed to interact with it.

NASA opens a new museum complex

The museum is located in the Flight Control Center at the Johnson Space Center, from where the astronauts’ landing on the moon and other historical projects were controlled.

NASA to Search for Life on Titan

Despite the low temperature, Titan has an atmosphere similar to the Earth’s, and more importantly, it has water. These factors make Saturn’s biggest moon a very interesting research object.

How our galaxy will be colonized?

Chinese scientists have attempted to answer this question, by creating a computer model, demonstrating how people can settle in the Milky Way.
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