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How Neanderthals are linked to surfing?

How Neanderthals are linked to surfing?

Exostosis is a disease characterised by bone formation in ear canals. It appears as a result of hypothermia of the inner ear, that's why it usually affects surfers - people who spend hours in the water. The unofficial name of exostosis derived from this fact and the name is  "surfer's ear". 
Remains of a giant penguin found in New Zealand 

Remains of a giant penguin found in New Zealand 

The animal's bones were found in a place called Waipara Greensand. The bird was about 1.6 meters tall and weighed 80 kg. The penguin was called Crossvallia waiparensis.
How can we clean up the World Ocean?

How can we clean up the World Ocean?

Every day, an enormous amount of plastic waste is dumped into the World Ocean. Approximately 40% of this plastic ends up in the water the same year it is produced. Considering the fact that plastic practically does not decompose, this contributes to a dangerous trend. 

Competitor for SpaceX rocket to be built in China

Thanks to reusable rocket nose cones, SpaceX can save up to $6 million on each launch. The company’s success has inspired many competitors to follow their lead.

Scientists invent a way to stop melting glaciers

Submarines collecting and freezing sea water will be used to stop the melting glaciers in the Arctic Ocean.

Canada is calling volunteers to clean up space debris

The country’s Armed Forces have announced a new program for the removal of space junk from the Earth’s orbit. The government agency is inviting all enthusiasts to join this noble cause. 

Paleontologists discover ancient arthropod

The creature was named Millennium Falcon, after the famous spaceship featured in the Star Wars sage. The reason behind the name is the similarity between the ship and the shape of the animal’s carapace.

Scientists Map the Milky Way

New data on the shape of our galaxy have been obtained. Contrary to popular belief that the Milky Way has the shape of a flat disk, it turned out that the galaxy is warped, like the letter S.

TESS discovers potentially habitable exoplanet

The planet spotted through a telescope bears a striking resemblance to the Earth and is located just 31 light years (approximately 310 trillion km) away from us. By space standards, that’s really close.

Black and white or color: new viral optical illusion baffles the Internet

Digital artist and developer Oyvind Kolas has created a visual illusion that makes you see colors in a black and white image. This was achieved using color assimilation.

Japanese scientists will splice human DNA and rat embryos

The researchers have already received official clearance for their experiment. Their goal is to start growing tissue or even entire organs that can be transplanted into patients.

Launch Date of the World’s First Thermonuclear Reactor Announced

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) being built in France is a joint project involving scientists from the EU, USA, Russia, India, South Korea and Japan. The construction of the facility launched twelve years ago will be completed only in 2025.

Las Vegas Invaded by Grasshoppers

Last week billions of insects descended upon the city. The swarms are so large that they are seen even from space. 

Russian Scientists to Feed People with Locusts

Researchers from the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University) proposed adding a new ingredient to sausages: chitin extracted from locusts.

NASA loads nuclear fuel into the MARS-2020 rover

The mission will begin before the end of this month. The launch vehicle will take off from the Cape Canaveral site in Florida. The Mars rover will come to the Red Planet in February 2021.
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