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Scientists discover further evidence of the intelligence of cockatoo's  

Scientists discover further evidence of the intelligence of cockatoo's  

Wild cockatoo parrots remain the only non-primates who make their own tools.
Green energy: why switch to biofuels?

Green energy: why switch to biofuels?

Oil and gas energy is harmful to the environment. But what are the alternatives?
Is life possible on the Moon?

Is life possible on the Moon?

How much do we know about our satellite?

Biologists discover how to increase crop yields by fifty per cent

To achieve this, scientists have introduced an FTO gene to plants.

Emperor Penguins are threatened with extinction

According to scientists, the species could become extinct by the end of the 21st century.

A YouTuber disagrees with a professor, and now they have a bet for $10 000

Both sides of the argument consider themselves winners.

Scientists discover a way to make water act as metal

To accomplish this, they experimented with crystal-clear liquid.

A cockatoo's high intelligence has gained some unusual validation

Australian parrots have demonstrated exceptional social abilities by teaching each other how to open waste bins.

The man and the monkey are to play ping pong with the power of thought

The MIT Technology edition has announced an unusual match - a virtual ping pong. A paralyzed man and a monkey from the Neuralink project will take part in the game.

Artificial intelligence has revealed what’s hidden under a Picasso painting

Astonishingly, under Picasso’s one hundred and twenty-year-old painting “Pauper squatting,” there’s another hidden landscape.

The teeth of all the animals in the world grow according to a single mathematical formula

Alistair Evans, an Australian biologist, made this discovery.  The formula, called the “power cascade”, works with teeth and horns, antlers, and even spines.   

A Pensioner Has Discovered the Ruins of an Ancient Palace on His Land

The man is unhappy with the discovery because now he cannot build his own bungalow.

Life on Earth could have emerged from a lightning strike

Scientists consider the origins of life as one of the great mysteries. They suggest that thunderstorms could have played a crucial role in the process.

A rare ancient meteorite has landed in Britain

The rock landed directly in front of the Wilcock's family home in Winchcombe. It's estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.

A group of American scientists want to construct a biological storage facility on the Moon

A group of American scientists have suggested creating a lunar “Noah's Ark”, a bio-storage facility, which will house samples of spores, sperm, eggs and seeds from millions of plants and animals.