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3 cryptoprojects that will take off in 2019

3 cryptoprojects that will take off in 2019

by Ethan Oakes on

Crypto & Blockchain

The blockchain industry is developing so fast that you do not always have time to keep up with the news in this area. But despite such rapid growth, this market is still not without some drawbacks. Therefore, when choosing a startup to invest in, it should focus on the platforms involved in solving these problems. Let us examine three such projects.

The cryptomarket is developing extremely rapidly, but despite this, there are still significant limitations to its development. Fortunately, there are many projects that offer solutions for blockchain projects. They are the most attractive investments. Let us examine three such projects.


The cryptomarket today is filled with informational noise. Usually this information is unreliable and controversial, and it is on this basis that investment decisions are often made. News remains the main tool for the manipulation of rates and insider trading. Traders are not sure what decision they should make. The CoinGenius project solves the problem of the lack of reliable information in the market.

The CoinGenius app will be available on iOS and Android starting in early 2019. This is a powerful and functional analytical platform designed for cryptotraders. The general director of the project is Jeremy Born.

LQDEX Bridge

LQDEX Bridge connects and simplifies operations with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The goal of the project is the tokenization of assets other than the ERC-20. Thus, platform users will be able to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other assets through direct integration with the EtherDelta smart contract. The project is now working on a test network, but in the near future the launch of mainnet is expected. Bridge is the first project from LQDEX. The company also has additional products that will debut later.


Buttrfly is a peer-to-peer platform designed to simplify the collaboration of influential people and leaders with various brands. The application will be equipped with many useful functions that make the interaction as simple and convenient as possible for all parties. Establishing strategic relationships with media and showbiz stars is a crucial part of any large-scale marketing campaign. Buttrfly makes this process as transparent as possible. At the moment, information about the platform is not very available, but many experts expect that in early 2019 Buttrfly will announce cooperation with many different companies.

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