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How to start a technology startup?

How to start a technology startup?

by Ethan Oakes

Changes — this is the only constant in the technology industry. The ability to feel «where the wind blows»...

Changes — this is the only constant in the technology industry. The ability to feel «where the wind blows» and anticipate events — these are the most important skills of the entrepreneur in the twenty-first century. Not every day is there an innovative project that has a chance to change the rules of the game in the market. Of course, in all levels of society discussions continue, whether this or that startup is a breakthrough, and opinions often differ. But there is no doubt in one: the technological branch is the most important component of the modern economy, which is simply silly to ignore. In this article we have prepared a number of tips that could help you to take advantage of such a promising market.

Be able to see problems to come and overcome them.

There are still a lot of things in the world that need improvement. Success can be achieved, for example, by creating a program that helps real estate agents track meetings with customers. This idea may not be as ambitious as creating another global social network for example, but finding a problem and subsequently eliminating it can bring you a lot of money. And it does not matter that this is not a problem that everyone faces: if you can make life easier for even a small group of people, this is already good.

Think carefully about your actions to eliminate inefficiencies

Words (even if backed by some idea) is not a business plan. Have you thought of your actions in case of surprises? Does your project have competitors? If the answer is «yes», what makes you different from them? Think about each of these issues before creating your company. This will help to avoid troubles in the future.

Do not be afraid to make money

Many entrepreneurs are so focused on attracting investors’ funds that they sometimes forget that their main goal is to build a really working and profitable business. If you have a good business plan and you know how to implement it, then finding money will not be difficult for you. And believe me, for this it will not be necessary to walk around the world with an outstretched hand — investors themselves will bring you money on a plate.

And now several business ideas that follow the latest market trends:

Anonymous social networks

At the heart of the largest social networks like Facebook is the use of real user data, we suggest that you follow a slightly different path. Some say that anonymity reveals the worst in people. In part this is true. But in today’s society there is a huge request for a site where you can openly speak out on political and socially significant topics without fear of harassment by law enforcement or cyberbullying. Creating such an internet resource could be a good idea because it would help people to remove their masks more often and be themselves. By the way, the possibility of creating such a project is already being discussed by the founders of Twitter.

A new boom in e-commerce

E-commerce is not something new. It can be said that this is one of the pillars on which the modern internet stands. On such sites as Amazon you can find almost anything, but this does not mean that the market is saturated and all niches are occupied. If you find a highly specialized area and can serve customers better than your competitors, success will not take long. Understanding the specifics of your product and having an excellent assortment of goods on the site, you yourself will not even notice how quick you will become a millionaire.


News sites have existed for several years but many people around the world are upset about the bias of the media. If you can use interesting language, without hiding and distorting facts, and tell people about real events the audience will reach out to you. In a world dominated by a yellow press and click bait news, the truth literally becomes worth its weight in gold.

Affiliate sites

Creating a partner website is not complicated, but there are still unique ways to implement this idea in its own way. As an option, you can focus not on products, but on providing services. An excellent example is the AskGamblers service which helps people solve their problems with online casinos. The project makes reports on the work done and advises people on the safest and most trusted sites. Thanks to this non-standard idea, this startup has become a leader in its industry.

Do not forget that these are just a few ideas in which we see potential and you have to decide whether to take them into consideration.


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