Pavel Trufanov

Павел Труфанов — постоянный автор Hitecher. Пишет о медицинских и биологических открытиях, а также про технологии, которые сегодня проникают во все сферы — от бизнеса до повседневного быта. Павел закончил Московский государственный университет по специальности биология.

Провал Galaxy Fold, кризис идей и будущее смартфонов

The downfall of Galaxy Fold, the idea crisis and the future of smartphones

Samsung has cancelled the release of Galaxy Fold. Why do engineers, designers and users rarely see eye to eye, and what can we expect from the mobile industry in the future?
Новая стратегия Facebook. Что с ней не так?

What’s wrong with Facebook’s new strategy?

2018 was the most difficult year for Facebook. Now, the company has announced a complete overhaul of its confidentiality and safety policies. This is not about customer experience - it’s a last-ditch effort to save the company
Легко ли будет в 2019 году продавать алкоголь и лекарства интернете?

Selling alcohol and medicine online in 2019: how hard can it be?

Do you think that managing a crypto business is the hardest thing to do in 2019? Try selling something else online. What about good old alcohol? After all, prohibition ended a long time ago, demand is high, and lots of people want to work and make money. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple