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Your search history revealed: Everyone knows whom you are looking for

Your search history revealed: Everyone knows whom you are looking for

by Phil Haas

Well, it’s too much! We made it through to that day when the idea of...

Well, it’s too much! We made it through to that day when the idea of having the most intimate secrets will become a past. Do you remember how it was in “Bad Internet” movie – “Your Search History Revealed”. Now everyone knows whom you are looking for.

We learned the machines to perform things we are not able to: to detect by looking at the picture what someone wants to hide. The humanity is facing new age of no lies and no privacy.

POLYGRAPH is a tool necessary for physical and psychological researches usually called lie detector in detective dramas. It registers synchronically breath, cardiovascular activity and electrodermal parameters. Sometimes if there is a need to, the device can fix other physiological parameters. The results are analyzed and displayed in an analogue or a digital format. The include the assessment of credibility of the information provided. In other words it will be stated there when a person told the truth and when lied.

Now polygraph is used when it comes to recruitment for a responsible job or into law enforcement, while proceeding before the court even while participating in a TV talk show. And it becomes technically more sophisticated. Every day it is getting more complicated to cheat the machine.

Blockchain helped make another and a very big step toward transparency.

BLOCKCHAIN is a rule-based continuing and steadfast chain of blocks containing information.

This technology simply does not allow to hide or distort information, because all data is simultaneously stored on hundreds and thousands of computers. Now blockchain will assist in elections, even in presidential ones. Due to the smart technology machines are getting smarter every day. The machine learning made such a breakthrough last decade, that there is a need for a bit more time and the technologies will be like magic of the Middle-Earth.

MACHINE LEARNING is a big sub-part of artificial intelligence studying the methods of building algorithms able to learn.

Everyone has its own skeletons in the closet. People are trying to hide their personal life, especially if they are sexual minorities. In some countries you can become a joking matter or upset your parents by making such revelations. But in some countries you can lose your freedom and even life because of a mere suspicion in your “abnormality”. So the next invention can be considered as dangerous. It was made by the scientist of Stanford university who trained a neuronal network to detect homosexuals and heterosexuals based on their pictures.

NEURONAL NETWORKS is one of the methods of machine learning. Its foundation was laid in 1943, long time before a term “artificial intelligence” showed up. Neuronal networks are a mathematical model whose action reminds a bit on the function of animal nervous system.

With help of mathematical methods of analysis the scientists have defined certain physical features differ gays and lesbian. Bisexuals, transgender did not participate in the study. As well as mongolian and negroid races. In order to train the neuronal network scientists used 35 000 photo portraits of white men and women of different sexual orientation published on a US dating site. After studying all pictures the program analyzed data and indicated patterns – physical features common to non-conforming individuals.

It turned out, they mainly have physical features and mimic atypical for their gender. Women have a wider jaw and a smaller forehead. Men have a taller forehead, long nose and narrow jaw.

According to researches a computer algorithm could correctly distinguish between gay and straight men 81 per cent of the time, and 74 per cent for women with one picture only. With 5 pictures the accuracy grew up to 91% for men and 83% for women accordingly.

Program data was compared to human judges results. And it turned out human judges performed much worse than the algorithm, accurately identifying orientation only 61 per cent of the time for men and 54 per cent for women.

So we can say the long awaited Day X is here. The human brain can read information from human face with the same accuracy as the artificial intelligence does. In that case it is about information on sexual orientation. But what does it change?

  1. The study proves the theory of inborn and not acquired sexual orientation and demonstrates how wide are capacities of artificial intelligence.
  2. In the countries where homosexualism is punished by law, law enforcement officers can follow, blackmail and threaten “criminals” only based on data of neuronal networks analyzed pictures from social networks.
  3. In tolerant countries also not every homosexualist wants to reveal the details of his private life and he might have different reasons for it. But it seems that soon they will have no other choice.
  4. And the most important thing is that the spread of this system of face recognition will question the idea of privacy. Million cameras with the advanced software can not only recognise people but also analyze and compare data received.

Stanford scientists assure this algorithms can be applied for identification of different rules and define whatever you want. For instance it could be personal characteristics, political views and tensions.

Can you imagine, what is waiting for us! After a total revelation we will learn that uncommon people are in majority, or in minority or not who we expected for.

On the other side, people have a reflexive desire to protect privacy and right for a private life, even if there is nothing to hide. And people will have to respond to this challenge. And everyone can start looking for the answer now. And what will you choose – knowing the secrets of others or keeping yours secretly?…


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