3d printing

Проект Mars X-House: 3D печать домов на Марсе

Mars X-House project: 3D-printed houses on Mars

3D printing is considered one of the most promising technologies of our time. Having successfully tested it on Earth, people dream…
NASA будет печатать оборудование на 3D-принтерах

NASA to print equipment on 3D printers

3D printing is one of the major inventions of our day. The first 3D printer appeared in 1986, and the technology has made great strides since then. It is nowadays used even in the space industry.
3Doodler: приложение для создания трехмерных картин

3Doodler: 3D painting application

3Doodlers app from WobbleWorks makes creating 3D pictures easier than ever before. All you need to do to make a large item is to circle the stencil on your tablet screen. The software is available for download on Android and iOS.

3D printing: from cakes to firearms

3D used to be known exclusively in cinemas. But in recent years 3D printing has become increasingly popular, and is sometimes called alternative design. The technology was first introduced in 1984. After several decades it has the possibility to change the world beyond recognition.

3D-printed Implant Tested On Mice

A 3D-printed part of a spinal cord helped a mouse regain the use of its legs. Human body parts are next.

3D Printing Can Now Be Done 100 Times Faster

Scientists from the University of Michigan have come up with a fundamentally new 3D printing method. Instead of the traditional…

The startup “Relativity” creates the first factory for 3D printing of space rockets

The private space industry continues to develop rapidly. The California startup, “Relativity”, wants to make…