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NASA will send nuclear rockets to the Moon and Mars

NASA will send nuclear rockets to the Moon and Mars

The first nuclear space engine technologies were developed back in the 1960s, but the demand for them has only recently experienced a resurgence.
The Shapeshifter Transformer Robot to investigate Titan

The Shapeshifter Transformer Robot to investigate Titan

To explore the challenging terrain of distant planets, scientists will need a very reliable assistant and Shapeshifter robot, with its unusual design, will become one of them.
Neural interfaces - the art of reading minds

Neural interfaces - the art of reading minds

Computers are often compared with the brain. Recently, these biological and mechanical systems have become connected. What opportunities does this technology provide and what challenges does it pose to humanity?

Heat-to-electricity conversion technology is created

The Ohio State University has developed a unique way to convert heat into electricity. And the energy source can be almost anything from car exhaust to heat produced by industrial plants.

A Case of Hereditary Transmission of Autism Recorded

Two mutations in sperm donor’s genes have caused autism in at least 12 children.

Brain2Char algorithm turns brain activity into text

The technology works even if the user is saying words in their head.

When will humanity switch to eating artificial meat?

Artificial meat grown in laboratories is becoming more and more like the original product. It will probably be only a few years until we switch to an artificial diet.

Scientists create the darkest-ever material

The material is made from multiple carbon nanotubes on an aluminium foil base.

New medication will treat polycystic kidney disease

Until recently, a kidney transplant was the only option for patients diagnosed with PKD.

Gene therapy transforms glial cells into functioning neurons 

The authors of the study believe that in the future the method will contribute to the effective recovery of victims of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Russian astronomer discovers first interstellar comet

This is the second known space object outside our galaxy, following the ‘Oumouamoua comet.

The Pacific fauna is threatened by a thermal anomaly

The temperature rise is beneficial for algae, which are poisonous to the local animals.

Scientists create synthetic leaves for production of medicines 

Synthetic leaves are created using special light-transmitting materials. Solar energy serves as a catalyst for chemical reactions that transform the liquid contained in the leaves into various useful substances. 

Coffee offers benefit of preventing gallstone formation

It turned out that increased coffee consumption significantly reduces the risk of developing cholelithiasis, or gallstone disease.

NASA partners with ESA for development of joint asteroid redirection program

The agencies will adjust the trajectories of space objects that are likely to collide with the Earth.
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