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Попробуйте чашечку кофе от этого удивительного робота-бариста

Try a Cup of Coffee Brewed by an Amazing Robot Barista

by Hitecher

The robot by Briggo, a US-based company, was specifically created to make perfect coffee. The machine is very fast – it can make up to 100 cups per hour.

Technological progress spans all industry and service sectors, not to mention the military. In Boston, for instance, machines are widely used to prepare sophisticated dishes. In Japan and the Czech Republic, robots take customer orders, and in Denver, you can buy fast food made by «iron chefs». And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more examples of standalone devices integration into the food industry.

Bartenders and chefs have recently got another reason to worry, as a US-based company Briggo has developed a fully automated barista. The machine’s output is 100 cups of invigorating drink per hour, which equals the output of three to four human baristas.

The hard working barista was named «Coffee haus». The drink made by the metal coffee maestro is just perfect. The robot’s services can be ordered via an app, where a customer can choose the variety of coffee, additional ingredients and even the drink temperature. What differs the new machine from other similar devices is the customized service it provides.


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