The robot called Blue - hands with artificial intelligence - Hitecher
Робот Blue — руки с искусственным интеллектом

The robot called Blue – hands with artificial intelligence

by Hitecher

Devices with artificial intelligence are fundamentally different from their more primitive counterparts. First of all, this is because AI allows a robot to master almost any skill.

Blue, created by a team from the University of California (Berkeley) with Peter Abbil as the head, is not programmed to perform any particular task, but it has an artificial intelligence that allows the machine to learn from its mistakes.

Since anything can happen during training, Blue is programmed to ensure that it is safe for humans. It can also be operated by manual controllers.

The human structure underpinning that of the device enables it to perform a wide range of functions. This is very useful, because the number of potential functions is growing.

The maximum weight the machine is able to handle without damage to itself is 2 kg. The device’s beta-version will sell for $5,000.


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