Smart prostheses are around the corner - Hitecher
Умные протезы не за горами

Smart prostheses are around the corner

by Hitecher

New artificial limbs based on AI technology will allow them to adapt to the needs of their users.

The main difficulty in the manufacture of prostheses and implants is that each person is an individual, and the manufacturer has to focus on the features of a particular client. Each device has to be adjusted for a long time, and it takes a lot of time and effort.

But soon this process will become easier because scientists have focused on a new technology that will simplify the use of prostheses. It is based on artificial intelligence, fully autonomous, and self-taught.

Work is currently underway on a robotic knee. It adapts to a person in a matter of minutes and later, using special sensors, reads information about the state of the user and adjusts its operation.

Today the development is far from perfect and has many problems. First of all, the high power consumption of the device, its rather impressive size, and low maneuverability. But the basis of the work has been laid, and after some time all of the problems will probably be eliminated.


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