Sheertex sheers - the strongest pantyhose in the world - Hitecher
Sheertex sheers - самые прочные колготки в мире

Sheertex sheers – the strongest pantyhose in the world

by Hitecher

Every woman knows how fragile pantyhose are: one awkward movement and they develop runs. But the Sheertex startup promises to release a product that will be much more resistant to external influences than we are accustomed to think.

Every year, women around the world spend a huge amount of money on simple pantyhose. Such a «perishable» product is a true gold mine for manufacturers. They are happy to produce huge quantities of new batches knowing that pantyhose will break as soon as their owner gets caught on something.

But what if pantyhose were at least as strong as trousers? We have a chance to get an answer to this question by supporting Sheertex startup on the Kickstarter site, because this company is currently busy producing such a product. The secret of Sheertex Sheers’ strength is quite simple: innovative high-strength materials will be used in their production. At the same time, pantyhose will look like ordinary ones. Perhaps this is the beginning of a true hosiery revolution…


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  1. Vibrators


    Sheertex is different at a molecular level. Patent pending, Sheertex is stronger, cooler, and lighter than any knit on the market today and made with the world’s strongest fibers.