Scientists learn to turn carbon dioxide into coal - Hitecher
Углекислый газ научились превращать в уголь

Scientists learn to turn carbon dioxide into coal

by Hitecher

And one can do it even in a home setting. The technology was developed by an international group of scientists emphasising the humanity’s ability to unite and jointly solve a shared environmental problem.

It’s been a great joy for us lately to watch researchers from all over the world to come up with projects that could affect the topical issue of today — environmental pollution. Some scientists create improved filtering systems; others learn to recover carbon dioxide from the air while still other people find applications for this carbon dioxide.

Gas conversion into solid coal involves liquid metal catalysts: carbon dioxide is mixed with liquid electrolyte, the mixture is placed in a special container, and then gallium and cerium are added, which act in this role. After the electric current is run through the «broth» removing oxygen, carbon will begin to harden.

The technology is easily scalable. Scientists have to think only of a way to separate solid carbon from the liquid.


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