P2 Xcursion amphibian plane passes all tests - Hitecher
Самолет-амфибию P2 Xcursion успешно протестировали

P2 Xcursion amphibian plane passes all tests

by Hitecher

Electric amphibian planes that can land on water are yet another trend in the world of technology, with many countries working on creating such vehicles. Their ability to land anywhere makes them extremely useful in emergencies.

P2 Xcursion is a new amphibian plane built by Equator Aircraft. It was recently tested in the air for the very first time, in the airspace of Eggemoen technology park in Norway. The tests were successful.

The test flight lasted for 10 minutes, with professional pilot Eskil Amdal at the wheel. Amdal, a test flight expert, checked the plane’s manoeuvrability and all its systems. He did not identify any issues.

The plane is equipped with an Engiro M97 electric engine with 97 kW power, which is enough for a 30-minute flight. But the company is not stopping at this model, with later versions of P2 Xcursion set to last 100 minutes in the air. The company is also planning on integrating an Energio generator into their planes, which will increase flight duration up to six hours. The plane weighs 750 kg.


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