Orion spacecraft safety system passes all tests - Hitecher
Система спасения космических кораблей Orion была успешно испытана

Orion spacecraft safety system passes all tests

by Hitecher

NASA announced that the Orion emergency system has successfully completed all tests. The technology was built to safely move spacecraft away from its launch vehicle in case of malfunction.

The reusable spacecraft Orion was built in tandem with a new SLS launch vehicle for lunar expeditions planned for the next couple of years. In the future, the pair can be used for flights to Mars, but it’s too soon to say, as these visits are planned for the 2030s.

The Orion spacecraft safety system consists of 8 valves which allow the spacecraft to regain its orientation and safely move away from its launch vehicle after separation. If the spacecraft is launched successfully, the system is thrown into the atmosphere.

During the tests, the Orion technology was active for 30 seconds. According to NASA, it provided 31 kN thrust. Stabilization systems were also recently successfully completed in North Carolina.


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