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Нанороботы обещают прорыв в медицине

Nanorobots Promising a Breakthrough in Medicine

by Hitecher

The prospects of using microscopic robots for medical purposes have long been discussed, and this discussion is little by little getting supported by feasible projects. One of such projects is the innovation developed by Cornell University scientists.

The main advantage of nanorobots over other methods of drug delivery to the focus of a disease lies in their resistance to external factors and relative ease of use. The devices can be injected into a patient’s body using a standard syringe, but the effect achieved by such procedure will significantly surpass that of all alternative treatment methods.

The robots created by Cornell University researchers headed by Marc Miskin are a mere 70 micron long, which is about the width of a human hair. It takes a 10-centimeter silicon sheet to make a million such devices within a few weeks.

The first robots manufactured are powered by solar energy making them unsuitable for use. Robots of subsequent batches will be equipped with ultrasonic and magnetic power sources enabling them to operate easily inside the human body. Nanorobots have 4 legs made of graphene, platinum and titanium. Watch the video below to learn more about their structure.


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