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Бионический протез Hero Arm готовится к массовому производству

Hero Arm bionic prosthetic will soon be mass produced

by Hitecher

Representatives from Open Bionics have announced the upcoming release of the Hero Arm prosthetic. Hero Arm will be primarily available to residents of the United Kingdom, France and the United States, where the device will be produced in collaboration with Hanger Clinic.

Hero Arm is a bionic prosthetic developed by American company Open Bionics and designed by Joel Gibbard. Despite his relatively young age, Joel has already won several prestigious awards and even a grant of $1 million. This money was used towards the production of Hero Arm. Gibbard says that he doesn’t care about the financial aspect, his main goal is helping people.

But this doesn’t mean that Hero Arm does not have any advantages on the market. On the contrary, the device has a high level of accuracy, seamlessness and speed of movement when compared to its equivalents on the market, all of which greatly appeal to users. The prosthetic is extremely similar to a real hand, thanks to sensors that can read micro movements of the wearer’s muscles and a feedback loop enabled by tactile sensors.

The prosthetic is made using 3D printing. This technology allows its manufacturers to spend just 40 hours and $3 thousand on production, while equivalents take weeks to produce and cost over $90 thousand.


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