Gene of DNA – the most comprehensive model - Hitecher
Gene of DNA – the most comprehensive model

Gene of DNA – the most comprehensive model

by Hitecher

Modeling the one billion atoms that make up an entire gene of DNA is not easy, but scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have done their best to do so. The model they designed will give an insight into the DNA functioning and help develop treatments for many diseases.

The groundbreaking project was carried out by a research team led by biologist Carissa Sanbonmatsu. The Trinity supercomputer, considered to be the fastest to date, played a major role in the work. It is located in Los Alamos, where the research was done.

DNA is the basis of all living organisms and the main carrier of genetic information. It is a filamentous structure wrapped around molecular coils. When they rotate, they turn various genes on and off. The scientists want to get an insight into what causes the process and explain it.

They currently continue their research in partnership with RIKEN, the Japanese comprehensive research institution, as well as scientists from other US universities.

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